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Russian ISS docking system test doesn’t go as planned

By Marc Boucher
July 1, 2016
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Russian ISS docking system test doesn’t go as planned
Russian ISS docking system test doesn't go as planned.

According to veteran Russian space program reporter Anatoly Zak an ISS test of the cosmonaut-operated docking system on the Progress 62 cargo spacecraft didn’t quite go as expected earlier this morning.
What was planned was for the Progress cargo spacecraft to automatically undock and move to a distance of 200 meters from the ISS. This is took place. Then it would approach the ISS and dock but under manual control.

According to Zak there was an issue with the cosmonaut-operated docking system and Russian mission control told them to switch back to automatic. Zak then states that there was an accidental firing of attitude-control thrusters. The Progress spacecraft pitched significantly before being righted.

There’s a reason these tests are performed.

Russian Docking System Tested Aboard the ISS

You can see the considerable pitch movement at the end of the video.

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