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NASA Space Station Status Report 1 September, 2022 – Testing the European Robotic Arm

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Status Report
September 2, 2022
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NASA Space Station Status Report 1 September, 2022 – Testing the European Robotic Arm
Roscosmos cosmonauts (from left) Denis Matveev and Oleg Artemyev are pictured during a spacewalk on April 18, 2022, to configure the European robotic arm.

Two cosmonauts are finalizing preparations for a spacewalk to configure the European robotic arm (ERA) for payload operations on the outside of the International Space Station. The rest of the Expedition 67 crew is continuing to research how to heal wounds in the microgravity environment.

Roscosmos Commander Oleg Artemyev and Flight Engineer Denis Matveev have been given the go to exit the space station’s Poisk airlock on Friday at 9:20 a.m. EDT beginning a spacewalk to continue outfitting Europe’s robotic arm. The duo was joined today by Flight Engineer Sergey Korsakov for a final procedures review and last minute Orlan spacesuit checks ahead of the planned six-hour spacewalk.

The spacewalkers will complete the tasks left unfinished during the previous spacewalk that took place on Aug. 17. The tasks Artemyev and Matveev are scheduled to complete include relocating the ERA’s external control panel and testing the arm’s ability to grasp payloads. Korsakov will help the two cosmonauts in and out of their spacesuits, monitor the spacewalking activities, and maneuver the ERA on Friday.

The orbiting lab’s four other astronauts spent the entire day in the Kibo laboratory module learning how to heal wounds in weightlessness. A key characteristic of living and working in space is the accelerated aging of skin that astronauts experience. Researchers are studying those molecular processes and how they affect the healing process potentially advancing wound treatments both in space and on Earth.

Using Kibo’s Life Science Glovebox, NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren, Bob Hines, and Jessica Watkins, along with Samantha Cristoforetti of ESA (European Space Agency) practiced surgical techniques including biopsies, suture splints, and wound dressing. The quartet will continue the biomedical research on Friday helping NASA and its international partners keep astronauts safe and healthy on long-term space missions while improving health conditions on Earth.

On-Orbit Status Report


Nutrition Monitoring for the ISS (NutrISS): The crew performed an ESA Nutritional Assessment (ENA) in support of the NutrISS investigation. Long-duration spaceflight induces relevant changes in body composition and a loss of body mass. In the NutrISS investigation, a periodic assessment of body composition (body weight, fat mass, and fat-free mass) during spaceflight aboard the ISS is carried out using a dedicated bio-impedance analysis device to allow for the measurement of long-term energy balance modification over time. It is hypothesized that an adjusted diet maintaining a near-neutral energy balance, and/or increasing protein intake can limit microgravity-induced bone and muscle loss.

Completed Task List Activities:

  • None

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Payload Rack Officer Video Commanding
  • PRO LSG Facility Activation Commanding
  • HRF Rack 1 Rack Power Up Commanding

Look Ahead Plan

Friday, September 2 (GMT 245)

  • CSA Outreach
  • LSG Ops
  • ManD Tray Replacement


  • LSR/OGA Rack Swap Pre-gather
  • T2 Monthly Inspection
  • WRS CWC-Iodine Fill

Saturday, September 3 (GMT 246)

  • Payload NAS Vent Clean


  • Crew Off-Duty Day

Sunday, September 4 (GMT 247)

  • LSG Ops


  • Crew Off-Duty Day

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

  • Crew Discretionary Event
  • Health Maintenance System (HMS) ISS EveryWear (EVW) Screenshots
  • Private Medical Conference (PMC)
  • NutrISS – ESA Nutritional Assessment
  • ARED Photo/TV Reminder
  • Virtual ATU Configure JEM

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