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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 28 October 2020 – Space Physics Research

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
October 30, 2020
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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 28 October 2020 – Space Physics Research
The Canadarm2 robotic arm and the Cygnus resupply ship.

The Expedition 64 crew continued this week’s run of space physics and human research aboard the International Space Station today.
The orbital trio also spent the day servicing laptop computers and life support systems.

During Wednesday morning, Flight Engineer Kate Rubins of NASA installed material samples inside the Handhold Experiment Platform (HXP) that will soon be exposed to the harsh environment of space. She then placed the Japanese external experiment platform inside the Kibo laboratory module’s airlock. From there the Japanese robotic arm will grapple the HXP with the samples inside and install it outside Kibo. Scientists observe the materials over time to understand how space radiation and extreme temperatures affect a variety of samples, impacting the design of future spacecraft and advanced materials.

Rubins then moved onto fluid physics during the afternoon, setting up hardware for the Drop Vibration experiment. Engineers may be able to take advantage of the results to design advanced fuel, water, and air systems on spacecraft.

Flight Engineer Sergey Kud-Sverchkov of Roscosmos began wrapping up operations for a Russian immune system study. After collecting his saliva samples, he stowed the experiment’s hardware and transferred science data for later analysis. He also participated in a space exercise study to maintain a crew member’s health during long-term missions.

During the morning, Commander Sergey Ryzhikov took part in the same exercise study as his fellow cosmonaut. The veteran cosmonaut then explored ways to improve interactions among international crews and mission control teams. Ryzhikov also upgraded software on a variety of laptop computers and checked airflow sensors throughout orbiting lab’s Russian segment.

On-Orbit Status Report


Drop Vibration Gather and Review: The crew reviewed the procedures and gathered the appropriate hardware to support the installation on Thursday. Inertial Spreading with Vibration and Water Coalescence (Drop Vibration) examines the behavior of big liquid drops whose perimeter of contact, called the contact line, moves rapidly as the drops change shape either forced by vibration or freely by merger. These motions, fast and small on Earth, become slower and larger in microgravity and so can be more closely observed. Such observations improve the currently limited understanding of contact lines, important in applications such as self-cleaning surfaces, water harvesting devices, anti-frost coatings and the fabrication of semiconductors.

Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism (ExHAM) Sample Attach: In support of ExHAM #2, the crew installed Handhold Exp (HXP) Platform s/n 002 on the HXP adapter and stowed HXP s/n 001. Following this, the crew installed the ExHAM#2 experiments/samples. Taking advantage of Kibo’s unique function of having both an airlock and a robotic arm on the ISS, the ExHAM facility enables space experiments to be performed in the exposed space environment, by attachment to the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo’s Exposed Facility.


Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis & Data Record: Crew performed an analysis of the Water Processing Assembly (WPA) using the TOCA. The TOCA unit oxidizes organic carbon species present in the water to carbon dioxide gas and measures the concentration using nondispersive infrared spectroscopy. Analysis of the potable water using the TOCA occurs on a weekly basis.

Completed Task List Activities:

Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

JEM AL Depress Ops for HXP2
Look Ahead Plan

Thursday, 10/29 (GMT 303)

Drop Vibration setup
EPM board removal

Urine Transfer System Offload and EDV Swap
SSRMS Direct Drive Test
Friday, 10/30 (GMT 304)

Cubesat review
Hero Product
HRF blood/urine setup
Plant Habitat-02 science install

RS EVA Preparations
Nitrogen/Oxygen Recharge System configure to Low Pressure Oxygen
Saturday, 10/31 (GMT 305)

No activities scheduled. Crew off duty day.
Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Water Recovery System (WRS) Sample Analysis
Handhold Exp Platform (HXP) Item Preparation 3
Inspection and maintenance of RS1, RS2, RS3 laptops No.11VXY, ???1???_4_426_1, 0.5 CTB No.1297 (010478J). Do no move RS3 to stowage before the upcoming activity.
JEM Airlock Slide Table (ST) Extension to JPM Side
Handhold Exp Platform #1 (HXP1) Stow
Replacement of ??1, ??2 dust filter cartridges and cleaning ?1, ?2 fan screens in DC1 (???1???_4_424_1, bag 435-20 (00071061R) or bag ???1?? (440-22). Discard old units. Reflect changes in IMS)
Handhold Exp Platform #2 (HXP2) Attachment
SW Upgrade No.2 on Central Post Laptop (RS3, Remote RS).
On MCC GO Deactivation of gas analyzer ??2106.
Testing electrical circuits in Elektron-VM signal and command matching unit (????)
Handhold Exp Platform #2 (HXP2) Sample Attachment 5
PROFILAKTIKA-2. Training with [???-01-?] set.
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
Handhold Exp Platform (HXP) Item Closeout
JEM Airlock Slide Table (ST) Retraction from JPM Side
On MCC Go Moding ?? gas analyzer (??2106) to OPERATION.
ALGOMETRIYA. Experiment Session.
Drop Vibration Payload Review
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
Drop Vibration Hardware Gather
??? Maintenance. Verification of ??-1 Flow Sensor Position
Environmental Health System (EHS) – Coliform Water Sample Analysis 44 +/- 4 hours post processing
MATRYOSHKA-R. Tritel Hardware Monitoring
Environmental Health System (EHS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Sample Data Record
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
OPTIMIS Tablet Application Big Picture Words Review
PROFILAKTIKA-2. Training with [???-01-?] set.
Food Acceptability Survey
PROFILAKTIKA. Equipment setup
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation

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