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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 26 October 2020 – New Crew Settling In

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
October 30, 2020
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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 26 October 2020 – New Crew Settling In
NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 26 October 2020 - New Crew Settling In.

The Expedition 64 trio is nearing its second full week aboard the International Space Station and is beginning the work week with a host of biomedical studies today.
The three station crew members will also bring in the 20th year of continuous human habitation of the orbital lab on Nov. 2.

Flight Engineers Kate Rubins and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov with Commander Sergey Ryzhikov started Monday collecting mass measurements before splitting up for the rest of the day. After waking up, they attached themselves to a device that applies a known force to a crew member and uses the resulting acceleration to calculate an astronaut’s mass in microgravity.

Rubins spent part of the day on lab maintenance tasks replacing water filters and collecting microbe samples from station surfaces for analysis. She then serviced and inspected an array of science hardware including a Japanese external experiment platform, fluid physics research gear and finally the Advanced Plant Habitat.

Ryzhikov then joined Kud-Sverchkov for a variety of studies exploring how their bodies are adapting to microgravity. The Russian duo logged their meals and drinks throughout the day for an investigation that seeks to understand bone loss in space. The pair also worked on an experiment to improve exercise techniques to sustain long-term space exploration missions. Kud-Sverchkov later collected and stowed his saliva samples for a study looking at how the human immune system adapts to microgravity.

On Nov. 2, Rubins with fellow crewmates Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov will be part of 20 years of humans continuously orbiting Earth aboard the station. They are the 64th long-term crew to live and work on the orbiting lab. The first crew to board the station was Expedition 1 on Nov. 2, 2000, with Commander William Shepherd of NASA with Roscosmos Flight Engineers Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko.

On-Orbit Status Report


ACE (Advanced Colloids Experiment) module photos: The crew retrieved and took photos of ACE modules T11, TR-2, T12-2, T2-3. This was done so the ground teams can assess the health of the science in these modules and plan future order of operations appropriately. These ACE modules are used to study the assembly of 3D structures from colloids, nanoparticle haloing contribution to colloidal assembly, and other factors related to colloids and their interactions. These investigations are carried out in the FIR/LMM (Fluids Integrated Rack/Light Microscopy Module). The LMM is a modified commercial, highly flexible, state-of-the-art light imaging microscope facility with confocal and temperature control capabilities.

HXP item prep: In preparation for the ExHAM#1 sample exchange scheduled for later this week, the crew gathered the appropriate hardware and reviewed the On-Board Training package (OBT). Taking advantage of Kibo’s unique function of having both an airlock and a robotic arm on the ISS, the ExHAM (Exposed Experiment Handrail Attachment Mechanism) facility enables space experiments to be performed in the exposed space environment, by attachment to the Japanese Experiment Module Kibo’s Exposed Facility.

Plant Habitat-02 water fill: The crew prepared the water refill bag and water reservoir, and took photos of various parts of the Plant Hab system. This was performed in preparation for science operations, which are planned to begin later this week. Assessment of Nutritional Value and Growth Parameters of Space-grown Plants (Plant Habitat-02) cultivates radishes as a model plant that is nutritious and edible, has a short cultivation time, and is genetically similar to Arabidopsis, a plant frequently studied in microgravity. Developing the capability for food production in space requires understanding cultivation conditions such as intensity and spectral composition of light and the effects of the culture medium or soil. This research could help optimize plant growth in the unique environment of space, as well as evaluation of nutrition and taste of the plants.


Potable Water Dispenser (PWD) Filter Remove and Replace (R&R) with Fan Filter Cleaning: This morning the crew R&R’d the PWD’s Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU) water filter. While they had access to this ORU, they also cleaned the exhaust fans outlets on the rear of the PWD. Both the fan cleaning and filter R&R are regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and are required to keep the PWD system functioning nominally.

Environmental Health System (EHS) Operations: Today, the ISS crew performed periodic EHS water sampling by collecting water samples from the Potable Water Dispenser (PWD) for in-flight and post-flight analysis. In-flight samples were used to perform a Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) analysis that measures the amount of organic constituents in the potable water. The crew also tested the water samples for the presence of Coliform bacteria utilizing a Coliform test bag. These tests are used to determine if the drinking water is still safe for crew consumption.

Completed Task List Activities:

RS EVA tool gather
AC inverter secure
IFM rock catcher build
PWD filter R&R
Today’s Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

MSS SACU1 Surveys
MCA Zero Cal
Look Ahead Plan

Tuesday, 10/27 (GMT 301)

ExHAM sample detach
Iceberg install
MSG facility activation

ISS Crew Orientation
CMS Batter R&R
Tablet OPTIMS Update BPW Review
Wednesday, 10/28 (GMT 302)

Drop Vibration gather and review
ExHAM sample attach
Food Acceptability

ISS Crew Orientation
WRM Water Balancing
Thursday, 10/29 (GMT 303)

Drop Vibration setup
EPM board removal

Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

KORREKTSIYA. Accelerometry
Body Mass Measurement
Auxiliary laptop computer system anti-virus software update
Deinstallation/installation of Broadband Comm System (???) video server jumper cables.
Vacuum cleaning of FGB Pressurized Adapter
Vacuum cleaning of ??7 screens on ???4 behind FGB panel 108
Broadband Comm System (???) video server test
Cleaning FGB Gas-Liquid Heat Exchanger (???) Detachable Screens 1, 2, 3
Potable Water Dispenser (PWD) Filter Remove and Replace (R&R) with Fan Filter Cleaning
On-board Training (OBT) Handhold Exp Platform (HXP) Operations
Handhold Exp Platform (HXP) Item Preparation 1
[????] Configuration for MRM1
Environmental Health System (EHS) Potable Water Dispenser (PWD) Sample Collect
Preventive Maintenance of FS1 Laptop
Routine monthly maintenance of BRI and cleaning of ??? fan screen
ACE Module Inspect
Comm reconfig for nominal ops
Crew time for ISS adaptation and orientation
Urine Transfer System Offload EDV Swap
Environmental Health System (EHS) TOCA Potable Water Dispenser (PWD) Sample Analysis
Plant Habitat-02 Water Fill
Environmental Health System (EHS) Coliform Water Processing
Environmental Health System (EHS) TOCA Sample Data Record
Preparation for AV Scanning on [???] Laptops

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