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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 25 February 2020 – SpaceX Cargo Mission Scheduled

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
February 26, 2020
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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 25 February 2020 – SpaceX Cargo Mission Scheduled
File photo: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 14 August 2017 - SpaceX Launches Cargo Resupply Mission.

SpaceX has announced March 6 for the launch of its 20th contracted cargo mission to the International Space Station.
Its Dragon resupply ship will arrive March 9 with over 5,600 pounds of science hardware, research samples and supplies to the Expedition 62 crew.

Meanwhile, NASA Flight Engineers Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan are tending to a new experiment, which was delivered early last week aboard Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus cargo craft. The astronauts are exploring the differences between bone cells exposed to microgravity versus samples magnetically levitated on Earth.

Doctors will use the comparisons to gain a deeper understanding of bone diseases. Space-caused bone loss is similar to the symptoms of Earth-bound conditions such as osteoporosis. Astronauts exercise daily keeping track of their diet to counteract the effects of microgravity and maintain healthy bones and muscles.

Meir and Morgan continue to unpack the over three tons of cargo shipped aboard Cygnus one week ago. The duo transferred powered payloads including science freezers containing research samples and tanks filled with nitrogen and oxygen to replenish the station’s atmosphere.

Commander Oleg Skripochka of Roscosmos was back on space physics research this morning observing the behavior of heavily charged particles, or plasma crystals. The three-time station resident also serviced life support gear before collecting measurements from Russian radiation detectors.

On-Orbit Status Report

OsteoOmics: The crew performed day 3 of 4 of the OsteoOmics media operations. Millions of Americans experience bone loss, which results from disease or the reduced effects of gravity that can occur in bed-ridden patients. OsteoOmics tests whether magnetic levitation accurately simulates the free-fall conditions of microgravity by comparing genetic expression osteoblastic cells, a type of bone cell, levitated in a high-field superconducting magnet with cells flown in low-Earth orbit. This information helps scientists determine the molecular and metabolic changes that take place in magnetic levitation and real microgravity.

STaARS BioScience-9: The crew retrieved the Sample S/N 1008 from the Kynar bag and placed it into Cold stowage. Tapping Microgravity to Enhance Biofuel Production (STaARS BioScience-9) aims to identify novel biological mechanisms using genetically modified Escherichia coli (E. coli) to improve the bio-production of isobutene to an extent that economically competes with petrochemical production processes.


Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations: Today, the crew completed their initial Cygnus cargo unloading operations. The initial operations were designed to put the Cygnus Pressurized Cargo Module (PCM) into a configuration that allows the crew to easily access the remaining cargo as well as serve as a good location to temporarily stow cargo when the SpX-20 mission arrives in march. The final unloading and back-fill of the Cygnus PCM will occur following completion of the SpX-20 mission.

Completed Task List Activities:

Ground Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

SSRMS Direct Drive Test
Wednesday, 2/26 (GMT 057)
OsteoOmics-02 Day 4, S/N-(A-F) Thaw op, samples back into MELFI (NASA)
HRF Saliva collect Setup (NASA)
EarthKam-Lens change (Joint)
MSL GEDS1 #2 processing (NASA-Grnd)


Thursday, 2/27 (GMT 058)
OsteoOmics Week 2- Media Changeout (NASA)
CFEB post Disinfection chk with photos and LTL Distrib box insulator fixation(JAXA)
Mouse Mission Habitat pwr connection to Glove Box and Cage setup (JAXA)
MELFI Icebrick Inserts (NASA)
Food Acceptability (NASA)
STaARS BioScience-9: Sample S/N 1009 into Cold stowage (NASA)
Standard Measures PreSleep Questionnaire (NASA)
Fluid Shifts Baseline Imaging Setup (NASA)
SABL CO2 Incubator Controller Install (NASA)

Water Storage System Resupply Storage Swap
Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill

Friday, 2/28 (GMT 059)
Standard Measures PostSleep Questionnaire (NASA)
Fluid Shifts Ultrasound and CCFP and DPOAE Baseline Scans (NASA)
OsteoOmics Week 2- Media Changeout (NASA)
ISS Experience Recording of OsteoOmics ops (NASA)
Food Acceptability (NASA)
MSL HERMES Vacuum Vlv to open (NASA)
MELFI Icebrick Inserts (NASA)


Today’s Planned Activities:
All activities are complete unless otherwise noted.

R PAO event report preparation
SCENARIO. Observation and photography of catastrophic events and their aftermath
Nikon Camera Time Sync
Hematocrit Test
Hematocrit Hardware stowage and data downlink via OCA
On MCC GO Regeneration of Micropurification unit (???) ?1 cartridge (end)
OSOMICV2 Media Thaw
Osteoomics biocell habitat consolidate
ABOUT GAGARIN FROM SPACE. HAM Radio Session with Kursk Region Zorin? General Secondary Education School students
TOCA WRS sample analysis
Actiwatch plus setup with HRF payload drawer
Gather ESA items for return
On MCC GO Regeneration of Micropurification Unit (???) ?2 Cartridge, initiate
PK-4 Experiment Run 1/1
Cygnus cargo ops
???? Configuration for MRM2
HAM radio session
Installation of warning labels on MRM2 panel
Comm reconfig for nominal ops
PK-4 Experiment Run 1/2
MATRYOSHKA-R. BUBBLE-dosimeter gathering and measurements.
MATRYOSHKA-R. Handover of BUBBLE-dosimeter detectors from USOS.
MATRYOSHKA-R. BUBBLE-dosimeter gathering and measurements. necessary
Checking ??-2 treadmill carriage position and photography

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