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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 10 October 2017 – Spacewalk Today

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
October 12, 2017
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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 10 October 2017 – Spacewalk Today
NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 10 October 2017 - Spacewalk Today.

Expedition 53 Commander Randy Bresnik and Flight Engineer Mark Vande Hei of NASA will head outside the International Space Station at approximately 8 a.m. EDT Tuesday to begin a 6.5-hour spacewalk. Live coverage will be available on NASA Television and the agency’s website beginning at 6:30 a.m.
During Tuesday’s spacewalk, Bresnik and Vande Hei will lubricate the Canadarm2 Latching End Effectors (LEE) that the spacewalkers replaced Oct. 5. Canadarm2 has two identical Latching End Effectors used to grapple visiting cargo vehicles and payloads, provide data and telemetry to the rest of the Canadian-built Mobile Base System and the unique capability to “walk” from one location on the station’s truss to another. The Canadarm2 grappling mechanism that was replaced last week experienced a stall of its motorized latches last month.

This will be the 204th spacewalk in support of space station assembly and maintenance, and the second of three spacewalks planned for October.

On-Orbit Status Report

USOS Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) #45: Today Randy Bresnik (as EV1) and Mark Vande Hei (as EV2) successfully performed US EVA #45 with a Phased Elapsed Time (PET) of 6:26. The primary goal of today’s EVA was to Remove and Replace (R&R) the External Television Camera Group (ETVCG) located at Camera Port 9 (CP9) and to lubricate the newly installed Latching End Effector (LEE) A on the Space Station Robotic Manipulator System (SSRMS). The LEE A was installed onto the SSRMS last week during USOS EVA #44. Additional tasks accomplished include: Airlock High Pressure Gas Tank (HPGT) handle tie back, rotation of the Pump/Flow Control Subassembly (PFCS), R&R of the Mobile Base System (MBS) mast Camera/Light/PTU Assembly (CLPA) lens cover, removal of a handrail from Node 3, and BDCU MLI Removal.

At Home in Space: The crew took photographs today to document the current on-orbit ISS culture. This Canadian Space Agency investigation assesses culture, values, and psychosocial adaptation of astronauts to a space environment shared by multinational crews on long-duration missions. It is hypothesized that astronauts develop a shared space culture that is an adaptive strategy for handling cultural differences and they deal with the isolated confined environment of the spacecraft by creating a home in space. At Home in Space also uses questionnaires to investigate individual and culturally related differences, family functioning, values, coping with stress, and post-experience growth.

Today’s Planned Activities
All activities are on schedule unless otherwise noted.

Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Reminder for EVA In-Suit Light Exercise (ISLE) Preparation
External Wireless Instrumentation System Network Control Unit EVA Inhibit
LAB Wireless Access Point Port Inhibit
ISS HAM Radio and Video Power Down
USOS Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Communication Configuration
EVA COTS UHF Communication Unit (CUCU) Verify off
USOS Window Shutter Close
Extravehicular Activity (EVA) In-Suit Light Exercise (ISLE) Preparation
KUBIK Temperature Adjustment to 20°C
Verify that SM Window Shutters #6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 are closed.
CALCIUM. Session 7 of the Experiment
Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Purge
Monitoring of ИП-1 Sensors Installation
Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) In-Suit Light Exercise (ISLE) Prebreathe
Video Recording of Greetings
VIZIR. Preparation. Tagup with specialists if required
PK-4 Flexhose connection to Cleaning gas bottle
Crewlock Depress
Crewlock Post Depress
Crewlock Egress
Airlock High Pressure Gas Tank (HPGT) Reconfig
SSRMS Setup and Worksite Interface (WIF) Adapter Install
Articulating Portable Foot Restraint (APFR) and Worksite Interface Extender (WIFEX) Setup
[АСУ] Set R&R
Pump and Flow Control Subassembly (PFCS) Rotate
СОЖ Maintenance
CP9 External TV Camera Group (ETVCG) R&R
Vacuum Cleaning of Ventilation Screens on FGB Interior Panels 201, 301, and 401
VIZIR. Closeout Operations
Mobile Base System (MBS) Mast Camera Light Pan-Tilt Assembly (CLPA) Lens Cover R&R
SSRMS Cleanup
Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) Latching End Effector (LEE) Lube
Worksite Interface (WIF) Adapter Remove
Worksite Cleanup
Node 3 Handrail Remove
Articulating Portable Foot Restraint (APFR) Cleanup
SPLANKH. Preparation for the Experiment
Crewlock Ingress
IMS Delta File Prep
Regenerative Environmental Control and Life Support System (RGN) Wastewater Storage Tank Assembly (WSTA) Fill [Deferred]
At Home In Space Culture Photo
PK-4 Flexhose disconnection from Cleaning bottle
ACME Session Review
EVA Glove Photo Setup
Crewlock Pre Repress
Crewlock Repress
Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Post-EVA Activities
Post Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Communication Deconfiguration
EVA Glove Photo Downlink
Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Camera Image Downlink
Photo/TV Extravehicular Activity (EVA) GoPro Downlink
Metal Oxide (METOX) Regeneration Initiation
External Wireless Instrumentation System (EWIS) Network Control Unit (NCU) Enable
LAB Wireless Access Point Port Enable

Completed Task List Activities
At Home In Space Questionnaire [GMT 283]
Stowage audit of COL Endcone [GMT 283]
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA) Protoflight Unit #3 (PFU3) Close Out and Stow [GMT 283]

Ground Activities
All activities are on schedule unless otherwise noted.
Support for EVA
Standard commanding

Three-Day Look Ahead:
Wednesday, 10/11: Urine Transfer, ACME Chamber Install and Config, Neuromapping, HAM Radio Ops
Thursday, 10/12: CIR Ops and ACME Config, WHC Dose Pump R&R, EVA 46 Tool Config
Friday, 10/13: ETVCG Build, FIR Reconfiguration, DECLIC Hose Return, EVA Procedure Review and Conference

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:
Component – Status
Elektron – On
Vozdukh – Manual
[СКВ] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) – Off
[СКВ] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) – On
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab – Operate
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 – Startup
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab – Idle
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 – Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) – Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) – Standby
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab – Full Up
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 – Off

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