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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 May 2014

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
May 12, 2014
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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 May 2014
NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 May 2014.

Today: Direct Current Switching Unit (DCSU) 3A Trip: DCSU Channel 3A Remote Bus Isolator (RBI) 1 tripped open due to a negative current condition.
DCSUs 3A and 3B have since been tied together and all power loads have been recovered. Hardware that temporarily lost power or partial power included: Optical PAyload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS), AlphaMagnetic Spectrophotometer (AMS), Robotic systems, and 3A PhotoVoltaic Thermal Control System (PVTCS) cooling. No thermal clocks were violated while power was removed. A similar trip was experienced in 2012. Ground teams will continue their investigation and are developing recovery plans.

Dynamism of Auxin Efflux Facilitators, CsPINs, Responsible for Gravity-regulated Growth and Development in Cucumber (CsPINs) Sample Preparation: ISS CDR Wakata watered five CsPINs chambers and inserted them into the Measurement Experiment Units. Three of these units were installed into the microgravity Cell Biology Experiment Facility (CBEF) incubator unit. The remaining two units were installed into the 1-gravity CBEF incubator unit. CsPINs uses cucumber seedlings to analyze the effect of gravity on gravimorphogenesis (peg formation) in cucumber plants.

Petri Plants: FE-3 Swanson inserted a Petri Plate into the Light Microscopy Module (LMM) Auxiliary Fluids Container (AFC) in the Fluids Integrated Rack (FIR). The ground team downlinked live video from the FIR for analysis. Petri Plants investigation focuses on the growth and development of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings in the spaceflight environment, with a specific focus on how a root knows which direction to grow in when gravity is absent. Plants are grown in agar, a nutrient solution with a gelatin-like consistency, and exposed to light or dark conditions. Plants are harvested on-orbit, preserved with a chemical preservative, and returned to the ground for post-flight evaluation.

VEG-01 Experiment Run: Swanson checked out the Veggie hardware and then installed root mats and plant pillows to initiate the VEG-01 experiment. During the installation there was an issue hydrating one of the pillows, so a backup pillow was used. Veggie provides the necessary lighting and nutrient delivery for efficient plant growth in space. The Veg-01 hardware validation test investigation utilizes the Veggie facility on ISS. This investigation will assess on-orbit function and performance of the Veggie, and focus on the growth and development of ‘Outredgeous’ Lettuce (Lactuca sativa ) seedlings in the spaceflight environment and the effects of the spaceflight environment on composition of microbial flora on the Veggie-grown plants and the Veggie facility.

Threshold Acceleration for Gravisensing (GRAVI)-2 Run #2: At the conclusion of GRAVI-2 Run #2, FE-5 Mastracchio stopped the European Modular Cultivation System (EMCS) and removed experiment containers. Mastracchio disassembled sixteen of the GRAVI-2 culture chambers and eight GRAVI-2 fixative units from the EMCS experiment containers, using the BioLab glove box. The aim of GRAVI-2 is to subject lentil seedling roots to different centrifugal acceleration levels in microgravity, in order to determine the threshold of acceleration the roots respond to. The seedling roots are stimulated by means of a centrifuge for several hours, and the gravitropic response (root curvature) is followed by time-lapse photography or video observation during this centrifugation; making it possible to determine precisely the threshold acceleration at which the root responds to the gravity stimulus. After the stimulation period, the roots are chemically fixed in glutaraldhyde, formaldehyde, and RNALater to determine the movement of amyloplasts under the influence of the stimulation.

37S Return Preparations: Today the 37S crew (Wakata, Tyurin, and Mastracchio) performed an OBT exercise with a follow-on tagup with ground specialists in preparation for their return to Earth on May 13th. During the OBT, they reviewed procedures and messages for deorbit and reentry. Additionally, the 38S crew (Skvortsov, Artemyev and Swanson) performed a review of emergency roles and responsibilities for when the ISS is at 3 crew following 37S undock.

Microbial Capture Device and Coliform Detection Bag (MCD/CFM) visual analysis and data recording: Wakata performed analysis on samples which were collected on Tuesday. These samples will also be returned for further analysis on 37S. The analysis is designed to detect the presence of coliform bacteria, which is a good indicator of the sanitary quality of food and water.

Today’s Planned Tasks

RSS1,2 Reboot / r/g 1009 step 1 [Complete]
USOS Window Shutter Close [Complete]
SM ??? (Caution & Warning Panel) [Complete]
Laptop RS1(2) Reboot [Complete]
HRF – Sample collection in preparation for cold stowage insertion. [Complete]
HRF – MELFI Sample Insertion [Complete]
PETRI – Turning Lights On [Complete]
37S ???? No. 2 Test Before Undocking [Complete]
Daily Planning Conference (S-band) [Complete]
MEMBRANA. Experiment Setup with Kit No. 1 (Activate Mode 2) / r/g 5573 [Complete]
SM Ventilation System Preventive Maintenance. Group C [Complete]
WHC Fill [Complete]
FIR Door Opening [Complete]
LMM – Light Microscopy Module Rotation [Complete]
37S ??? Activation [Complete]
PETRI – Checking Petri Plates [Complete]
MEMBRANA. Mode 2 Activation (Experiment start) / r/g 5573 [Complete]
LBNP Exercise (PRELIMINARY) / r/g 5584 [Complete]
LMM – Installation of Petri plates in LMM AFC [Complete]
LMM – Light Microscopy Module Rotation [Complete]
FIR – Door closure [Complete]
CSPN – G1 Camcorder Installation [Complete]
Installing and Connecting EKTS Antenna Feeder Cables. / r/g 5563 [Complete]
MATRYOSHKA-R. Pre-pack BUBBLE-dosimeter memory card and Tritel I/F unit for return. / r/g 5579 [Complete]
CSPN – Introduction [Complete]
VEGGIE – Hardware Checkout [Complete]
G1 Closeout Ops. [Complete]
Crew Departure Prep [Complete]
SHD – Weekly Questionnaire [Complete]
BLR48 – Memory Card Replacement. [Complete]
VEG – Maintenance Work Area (MWA) Preparation [Complete]
??? Maintenance [Complete]
VEG – Experiment start [Complete]
MEMBRANE Deactivate Heating Mode / r/g 5573 [Complete]
37S IRIDIUM Phone Charging – Setup, Initiate Charging [Complete]
Mating EKTS Antenna Feeder Cable connectors. / r/g 5563 [Complete]
IMS Update [Complete]
37S IRIDIUM Phone Charging – Battery Status Check [Complete]
Installing and Connecting EKTS Antenna Feeder Cables. / r/g 5563 [Complete]
37S IRIDIUM Phone Charging – Terminate Charge [Complete]
CSPN – Sample prep [Complete]
VEG – MELFI Water Sample Insertion [Complete]
38S IRIDIUM Phone Charging – Initiate Charge [Complete]
Installing and Connecting EKTS Antenna Feeder Cables. / r/g 5563 [Complete]
37S Descent OBT. / r/g 5577, 5587 [Complete]
38S IRIDIUM Phone Charging – Battery Status Check [Complete]
38S IRIDIUM Phone Recharge, Terminate Charge, Teardown of the setup [Complete]
Mating EKTS Antenna Feeder Cable connectors. / r/g 5563 [Complete]
Life On The Station Photo and Video / r/g 5136 [Complete]
Installing and Connecting EKTS Antenna Feeder Cables. / r/g 5563[Complete]
SHD – Weekly Questionnaire [Complete]
PAO Hardware Setup [Complete]
Crew Prep for PAO [Complete]
EHS MCD Water Processing [Complete]
PAO Event [Complete]
SHD – Weekly Questionnaire [Complete]
EMCS – Experiment end [Complete]
MEMBRANA. Remove capsules from thermostat and stow. Tagup with specialists / r/g 5573 [Complete]
EMCS – Container Removal [Complete]
Emergency Roles and Responsibilities Review
GRAVI2 – equipment deactivation and stowage [Complete]
Daily Planning Conference (S-band)
PETRI – Turning lights off
Task List

37S US prepack [In work]
ARED Cylinder Evac
WHC KTO Replace
Roscosmos Report
Uragan Photo
Ekon Photo
Crew departure prep (CDR) [In work]
Data prep return (FE-4)
Data prep return (FE-5) [In work]
FPS tool gather [In work]
Dragon SLM ops
MOOT restow

Reconfiguration commanding in response to DCSU 3A Trip [Complete]
Three-Day Look Ahead:

Friday, 05/09: EMCS Exp. Container insertion, ScPINs Sample Fixation 1,2, Dragon Cargo ops, OBT Dragon RoOBT, NanoRacks Module-27 swab ops, GRAVI2, MWA equipment deconfigure, 37S pack/stow, crew departure prep, SMILES relocation, STP-H4 and SCAN Testbed survey
Saturday, 05/10: Crew off duty, APEX Plate swap
Sunday, 05/11: Crew off duty, APEX Plate swap, HRF urine and saliva sample collection, Veg-01 wick opening
QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

Component – Status
Elektron – On
Vozdukh – Manual
[???] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) – On
[???] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) – Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab – Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 – Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab – Stop
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 – Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) – Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) – Normal
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab – Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 – Full up

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