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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 August 2013

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
August 9, 2013
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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 August 2013
NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 August 2013

New Status: H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV)-4 Status: HTV’s forward Reaction Control System (RCS)-A oxidizer latch valve exhibited two recurrences of the unexpected “closed” indication during the past 24 hours.
HTV continues to fly on the RCS-B string with RCS-A available as a backup. If this occurs on the RCS-B string during free flight, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will swap to RCS-A and send a command to override the latch valve status. If it occurs on RCS-B during Rbar approach, HTV Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) software will detect the failure and swap propulsion strings. JAXA will then send the command to override the latch valve status. If it occurs on RCS-B during the transition to Free Drift, this transition will fail and HTV will continue to hold at the capture point. JAXA will then send a command to bypass the latch valve status check so that HTV can be commanded to Free Drift for capture. Thus far, this anomaly has only been observed on the RCS-A forward oxidizer latch valve.

HTV-4 Preparations: FE-3 Cassidy, Parmitano and Nyberg participated in an HTV4 rendezvous and capture tagup with ground specialists. Following the conference, Cassidy and Nyberg executed a Robotic On Board Trainer (ROBoT) training session. Nyberg then configured the HTV Command Panel (HCP) and execute a checkout of the HCP in advance of tomorrow’s capture.

Periodic Fitness Evaluation (PFE): All three USOS crewmembers successfully performed their PFEs today. The crew verified the cable connections between the Blood Pressure/Electrocardiogram (BP/ECG) and the Station Support Computer (SSC). Ground controllers believe that the issue experienced yesterday was with the PFE software on the SSC. PFEs monitor crewmembers’ overall fitness levels to ensure that cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health and performance is satisfactory. The activity consists of performing a graded exercise test on the Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization (CEVIS).

Capillary Flow Experiment Interior Corner Flow (CFE-ICF)-6: FE-6 Nyberg positioned the Maintenance Work Area (MWA) and High Definition (HD) Camcorder then initiated the tenth of eleven sample runs for the ICF-6 study. CFE-ICF studies capillary flow in interior corners. Structured inside tanks providing interior corners are used in the design of fuel tanks so that the fuel will always flow to the outlet of the tank in the absence of gravity. The equations governing the process are known but, to date, have not been solved analytically because of a lack of experimental data identifying the appropriate boundary conditions for the flow problem. Experimental results will guide the analysis by providing the necessary boundary conditions as a function of container cross section and fill fraction. The benchmarked theory can then be used to improve propellant management aboard spacecraft.

Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)-4 Reconfiguration: In advance of the ATV-4 hatch closure, which is required for the upcoming Russian Segment Extravehicular Activities (EVAs) scheduled for August 16th and August 22nd, FE-5 Parmitano relocated some of the cargo and secured straps and bungees.

EVA Maximum Absorbency Garment (MAG)/Comm Cap Assembly (CCA) Water Test: Cassidy and Parmitano performed a microgravity water affinity test between an EVA MAG and a CCA to determine the preference of water to cling to the CCA versus the MAG. The test was videoed and ground teams will review the results to see if free water will transfer from the back of the CCA to the MAG. The test will be conducted on two different crewmembers to determine if the amount of hair on a crew member’s head has any effect on the behavior of the water.

Today’s Planned Tasks

– Daily Planning Conference (S-band) [Complete]
– CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor [Complete]
– Deployment of Acoustic Dosimeters in Specified Locations [Complete]
– CIR – Hardware Setup [Complete]
– MATRYOSHKA-R. Monitoring Lulin-5 readings [Complete]
– VYNOSLIVOST. Installation of Replaceable Samples on Panel No. 2. [Complete]
– CFE – Hardware Test Ops Review [Complete]
– Periodic Fitness Evaluation – Nom Ops (subject) [Complete]
– Installation and connection of Onboard Measurement System (???) cable 9240 for Payload for ??? T/L monitoring. [Complete]
– CFE – Preparation and Hardware Setup [Complete]
– Periodic Fitness Evaluation – Nom Ops (assistance) [Complete]
– Columbus Front Deck Cargo Restow [Complete]
– CFE Tests [Complete]
– Re-mate Biaxial Pointing Platform (???) T/L Connectors to ????2-12 [Complete]
– JEMRMS – Mating Cable for Monitoring [Complete]
– Periodic Fitness Evaluation – Nom Ops (subject) [Complete]
– Install and connect Onboard Measurement System (???) cable 9240 for Payload for ??? T/L monitoring – Photography of mated connectors. [Complete]
– MSPR Laptop Setup [Complete]
– Periodic Fitness Evaluation – Nom Ops (assistance) [Complete]
– Downlink via OCA of photos of space behind panels and ???? cable location areas for ??? [Complete]
– ??? 420 (DC1) Transfers and IMS Ops / Progress 420 Transfers [Complete]
– Chibis-M Repairs. Preparation. [Complete]
– CFE – Hardware Packing into Ziploc bags [Complete]
– Chibis-M Repairs [Complete]
– HTV4 Capture Tagup [Complete]
– ??? diagnostics after fan module replacement. [Complete]
– Chibis-M Repairs. Closeout Ops. [Complete]
– HTV Capture Day Reminders Review [Complete]
– ROBoT OBT [Complete]
– Fan grille cleaning [Complete]
– ROBoT OBT Debrief [Complete]
– HTV Hardware Command Panel (HCP) Setup [Complete]
– SAMS: hardware transfer [Complete]
– Progress 420 Transfers (r/g 3035)
– HTV Hardware Command Panel (HCP) Self-check [Complete]
– IFM – Inspection of PWD [Complete]
– ??? Maintenance
– HTV Cargo Ops Overview [Complete]
– HTV4 Cargo Ops Conference [Complete]
– IMS Update [Complete]
– Ocular Health (OH) Fundoscope Setup [Complete]
– 24-hour BP Monitoring (terminate) Ocular Health (OH) Fundoscope Prep [Complete]
– Ocular Health (OH) Fundoscope Exam [Complete]
– Ocular Health (OH) Fundoscope post-Exam Stow [Complete]
– CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor [Complete]
– Daily Planning Conference (S-band) [Complete]
– Reading BCAT Reminder [Complete]

Task List

– ARED CylinderEvac [Complete]
– WHC KTO Replace [Complete]
– Roscosmos Report
– EMU Swap [Complete]
– EMU PPRV Cycle [Complete]
– 52P USOS Unpack [In Work]
– Bk Curtain Retrieve
– Data Prep for Return FE-3
– MELFI1 N2 Pressure Check
– MELFI2 N2 Pressure Check
– MELFI3 N2 Pressure Check
– TVIS Cue card Discard [Complete]
– Regen WSTA Fill

Ground – Nominal Commanding

Three-Day Look Ahead:
Friday, 8/09: HTV Capture & Berthing, INSPACE3, HTV Vestibule Press
Saturday, 8/10: HTV Ingress, INSPACE3, HTV Emergency Proc Review, HTV Cargo Ops
Sunday, 8/11: Weekend off-duty

QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

Component Status
Elektron – On
Vozdukh – On
[???] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) – On
[???] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) – Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab – Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 – Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab – Off
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 – Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) – Process
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) – Process
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab – Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 – Full up

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