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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 7 August 2014

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
August 8, 2014
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NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 7 August 2014
Two unoccupied Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) spacesuits, photographed by an Expedition 40 crew member, appear to hold stowage containers in the Quest airlock of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA.

Today: Binary Colloidal Alloy Test (BCAT)-Canada 1 (C1) Image Transfer: Flight Engineer (FE)-5 Wiseman homogenized cuvette samples and took photos after mixing. He then set up the camera intervalometer.
The BCAT-C1 sample contains a more viscous fluid, which requires more mixing on-orbit than previous samples. BCAT-KP provides a platform for material and industrial scientists to investigate colloid phase changes, providing results that may be used to develop new colloidal materials and formulations with unique properties. The results may support new applications, from new liquid crystals to consumer goods having longer shelf life and uses. BCAT-C1 studies nano-scale particles dispersed in liquid, known as a colloidal suspension, commonly found in such commercial commodities as paint, electronic polishing compounds and food products.

Robonaut Mobility Upgrades: Commander (CDR) Swanson installed new boards and processors into Robonaut, installed cables, and established communication connections. These upgrades are to support the installation of the Robonaut legs. Robonaut is a dexterous humanoid robot designed with the versatility and dexterity to manipulate hardware, exhibit greater endurance than humans and react safely when bumped or interacted with in a way that was not expected.

Multi-Purpose End-to-End Robotic Operations Network (METERON)-Operations and Communications (OpsCom) 2 Test: FE-6 Gerst executed a test between the METERON software on the ISS and a Eurobot Ground Prototype on the ground. One of the objectives of METERON-OpsCom 2 is to demonstrated control of a robot on a planetary surface by a human in an orbiting spacecraft.

Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Rendezvous and Docking Simulator Proficiency 2: Gerst and FE-1 Skvortsov performed this training in preparation for ATV-5 docking planned for August 12. Following the activity, they discussed results in a conference with ground teams. They completed the first training session on Tuesday.

Extravehicular Activity Mobility Unit (EMU) 3011 Fan Pump Separator (FPS) Remove & Replace (R&R) Preparation: Yesterday Wiseman placed EMU 3011 on the forward EMU Don/Doff Assembly (EDDA) and reviewed R&R procedures. Today he gathered tools required for the task planned for later this month.

Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations: Wiseman and Gerst continued transferring items to be trashed to the Cygnus vehicle.

Today’s Planned Tasks

RSS1, 2, Reboot / r/g 1009 [Complete]
Laptop RS1(2) Reboot [Complete]
SM ??? (Caution & Warning Panel) [Complete]
Daily Planning Conference (S-band) [Complete]
R2 – Camcorder Setup [Complete]
CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor / r/g 6238 [Complete]
Re-installation of SM ???? ?? amplifiers. r/g 6313 [Complete]
ROBONAUT – Mobility Installation 5 [Complete]
Gather EVA Equipment and Tools. r/g 6307 [Complete]
HAM-VIDEO Powerdown [Complete]
BCATC1. Sample Initialization and Photography [Complete]
Specific EVA Procedure Review. r/g 6312 [Complete]
SHD – Space Headaches Weekly Questionnaire[Complete]
24-hour BP Monitoring (terminate) r/g 6304 [Complete]
Hand Ergometry Test ??= 11:14. [Complete]
DC1 EVA Support Panel (???) Test. [Complete]
??? EVA Support Panel (???) Test. [Complete]
Hand Ergometry Assesment. ??= 12:48. [Complete]
IMS Delta File Prep [Complete]
SM ???? ??-3 Test. r/g 6313 [Complete]
Cygnus Cargo Operations [Complete]
ROBONAUT – Mobility Installation 6 [Complete]
FPS Tool gather [Complete]
EHS IV TEPC T/S [Complete]
CSA/CP Zero Cal [Complete]
Journal [Complete]
WSTA Fill [Complete]
ATV Rendezvous and Docking Simulator Proficiency No.2. r/g 6299, 6253 [Complete]
IMS and Stowage Conference [Complete]
24-hour BP Monitoring (start) / r/g 6304 [Complete]
CALCIUM. Experiment session 4. r/g 6306 [Complete]
ATV Control Panel Relocation [Complete]
SHD – Space Headaches Weekly Questionnaire [Complete]
NAPOR-miniRSA. Testing of ???1-? Secondary Power Supply. r/g 6314 [Complete]
Health Maintenance System (HMS) – Laptop setup for Ops [Complete]
PEV Activation Test from ??? EVA Support Panel. [Complete]
Crew Prep for PAO [Complete]
PEV Activation Test from DC1 ??? (EVA Support Panel). [Complete]
PAO hardware setup in Columbus [Complete]
Replacement and Labeling of ??1-7 Lights in DC1. r/g 6274 [Complete]
??? Maintenance [Complete]
PAO Event [Complete]
Binary Colloid Alloy Test – C1 Intervalometer Change 1 [Complete]
METERON – Video Recording with Camcorder G1 [Complete]
METERON – Communications Test [Complete]
OCT Exam – Subject [Complete]
OCT Exam – Operator [Complete]
MATRYOSHKA-R. Monitoring Lulin-5 readings / r/g 4110 [Complete]
Health Maintenance System (HMS) – Fundoscope Setup [Complete]
OCT Hardware Stow [Complete]
Fundoscope – Fundoscope Setup [Complete]
Fundoscope – Eye Imaging, Subject [Complete]
Fundoscope – Ocular Health (OH) – Assistance [Complete]
ATV Rendezvous and Docking OBT Conference. [Complete]
Daily Planning Conference (S-band) [Complete]
CASKAD. Manual Mixing in Bioreactor / r/g 6238 [Complete]
Fundoscope – Ocular Health (OH) – Equipment Stowage [Complete]
Task List

ARED Cylinder Evac
Earth Imagery
WHC KTO replace
WHC-???-? R&R
Roscosmos Report
IWIS RSU check [Complete]
SSCV5 USB Card Reader
3DA1 cam ops
ARED detent flip
Data prep return CDR, FE-1, FE-2
Cygnus cargo ops

Nominal commanding
Three-Day Look Ahead:

Friday, 08/08: EVA tool transfer for RS EVA #39, Robonaut, ACTEX Cartridge R&R
Saturday, 08/09: Crew off duty
Sunday, 08/10: Crew off duty
QUICK ISS Status – Environmental Control Group:

Component – Status
Elektron – Off
Vozdukh – Manual
[???] 1 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV1”) – Off
[???] 2 – SM Air Conditioner System (“SKV2”) – Off
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Lab – Standby
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Node 3 – Operate
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Lab – Stop
Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA) Node 3 – Operate
Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) – Standby
Urine Processing Assembly (UPA) – Norm
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Lab – Off
Trace Contaminant Control System (TCCS) Node 3 – Full Up

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