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Xplore and UP42 announce Data Partnership Agreement to bring valuable data to customers

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
November 24, 2022
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Xplore and UP42 announce Data Partnership Agreement to bring valuable data to customers

Xplore Inc., a commercial space company providing Space as a Service® today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with UP42, an API-first, geospatial developer platform and marketplace.

The agreement will enable direct access to Xplore’s satellite tasking and archive of high-resolution data.
Xplore’s highly capable XCRAFT satellite platform is engineered to collect data with multiple instruments including still and video imagery, hyperspectral, ultraviolet, and infrared spectroscopy. Xplore’s satellite is uniquely capable of achieving user-defined video flyovers.

“Xplore is excited to collaborate with UP42 to deliver our high-quality data products to their customers, adding value and empowering customers to derive a host of valuable insights. As a leading developer platform and marketplace for Earth insights, UP42 is a key partner for us to serve their growing base of customers. As customers use the data, more and more applications will surface, and we expect our contributions will help make the market more robust and set both companies on an accelerated growth path.” said Lisa Rich, Xplore Co-Founder and COO.

“Partnering with Xplore is an opportunity to diversify our portfolio with multisensor spacecrafts and unique UV sensors that offer customers more capabilities in a wider range of industries,” said Kevin Boverie, Head of Partnerships and Resellers at UP42. “This also helps us stay true to our goal to support early-stage organizations to build and scale their solutions faster and make informed decisions about their business.”

Data generated with Xplore’s diverse sensors will address a wide variety of use cases across the burgeoning Earth observation industry including agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, maritime, change detection and intelligence, and creative media content. Additionally, customers can obtain more informative, rich layers of data from Xplore’s data fusion product.

The combined power of bringing Xplore’s high-value imagery products to market via the UP42 platform will accelerate the commercial use of private remote sensing data.

To learn more about Xplore, please visit the Partnership profile page on UP42’s site:

About UP42

UP42 is changing the way geospatial data is accessed and analyzed. The platform and marketplace bring together multiple sources of data such as satellite imagery, weather data, and more–together with algorithms to identify objects, detect change, and find patterns. Industry leaders use UP42 to inform business decisions and build scalable customer solutions. Know when and where to fertilize crops. Measure air quality and map emissions. Count cars, trucks, planes, and ships. Developers and data scientists across all industries now have access to a platform to build, run, and scale projects in one place. Visit:

About Xplore

Xplore Inc. is a commercial space company, offering Space as a Service via its highly-capable XCRAFT satellite platform. Xplore generates data products, including exclusive video and still imagery, performs multi-sensor data collection, and enables unique analytic insights from space. Visit:

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