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Spirent Brings Realistic Testing to Emerging LEO Satellite Applications

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
Spirent Communications
December 6, 2022
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Spirent Brings Realistic Testing to Emerging LEO Satellite Applications
Spirent Communications
Spirent Communications

Spirent Communications plc (LSE:SPT), the leading provider of test and assurance solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced availability of SimORBIT, the first high-accuracy orbital modelling software solution specifically developed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite simulation.

Created in partnership with spaceborne receiver developer SpacePNT, Spirent SimORBIT enables developers to calculate LEO orbits and their distinctive characteristics more precisely and realistically for GNSS/PNT testing.

Testing space-based applications in the field is extremely difficult and cost prohibitive, which is why accurate lab testing is vital. The new era of LEO satellites demands highly accurate modelling of the Low Earth Orbit environment to provide the realism needed for high-value testing, including representing the distinct gravitational and atmospheric impact LEO satellites will endure in space. Using Spirent’s SimORBIT model, developers can now accurately replicate LEO orbits for the first time, enabling customers to test using simulations that more closely resemble the true operating environment of a LEO satellite.

“Until now, PNT testing on LEO applications has been limited due to the lack of an integrated solution that could offer realistic LEO orbital data together with GNSS simulation capabilities,” explained Adam Price, Spirent’s Vice President of PNT Simulation. “By working in close collaboration with SpacePNT, we have been able to develop the SimORBIT tool to bring a new level of accuracy and realism to LEO application testing by combining the simulation of precise LEO orbits and highly accurate GNSS signals.“

This capability complements the ability of Spirent’s simulation systems to generate non-ICD signals via I/Q injection, or by the unique Spirent “Flex” feature, enabling new space based PNT signals to be developed in the lab as realistically as possible.

“As a leader in LEO PNT technology, we at SpacePNT are always keen to partner with other industry market leaders such as Spirent for the testing of PNT technology,” said CEO and Founder, Cyril Botteron. “Spirent’s open and rich PNT simulation environment has made the collaboration seamless, and we are proud to offer such a new, innovative building block for this rapidly emerging key PNT technology.”

Spirent provides the most comprehensive and realistic GNSS test environments, working with leading PNT players to deliver the flexible, scalable, and future-proof architecture needed to evolve with technology. The SimORBIT orbital model highlights the company’s continued commitment to providing customers with the most realistic, most valuable solutions for testing space-based applications.

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Spirent Communications plc. (LSE: SPT) is the leading global provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning. The company provides innovative products, services and managed solutions that address the test, assurance, and automation challenges of a new generation of technologies, including 5G, SD-WAN, cloud, autonomous vehicles and beyond. From the lab to the real world, Spirent helps companies deliver on their promise to their customers of a new generation of connected devices and technologies. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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SpacePNT is an innovative, low cost GNSS receiver maker for the fast-growing New Space satellite market, delivering disruptive decimeter-level positioning accuracy and timing for single satellites and LEO constellations, and highest signal reception sensitivity for Moon missions, all in real-time through its unique and radiation tolerant Positioning, Navigation and Timing technology. For more information, please visit

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