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SpaceX Successfully Launches THAICOM 6 Satellite

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
January 6, 2014
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SpaceX Successfully Launches THAICOM 6 Satellite
SpaceX Falcon launch of THAICOM 6.

SpaceX successfully launched the THAICOM 6 communication satellite today on a Falcon 9 v.1.1.
The THAICOM 6 mission launched the THAICOM 6 commercial telecommunications satellite, an Orbital Sciences GEOStar-2 spacecraft. This hybrid Ku- and C-band spacecraft weighs 3,016 kg (6,649 lbs) at launch. This mission is the second Falcon 9 launch to a geosynchronous transfer orbit, targeting a 295 x 90,000 km orbit at 22.5 degrees inclination.

THAICOM 6 will be co-located with THAICOM 5 at 78.5 degrees East (“Hot Bird” position), and carry a hybrid Ku- and Cband payload generating approximately 3.7 kilowatts of payload power. The Ku-band payload will be comprised of 8 active transponders providing services to the Southeast Asia (mainland). The C-band payload will feature 18 active Cband transponders providing services via the satellite’s regional beam to Southeast Asia and Africa, including Madagascar.

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