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Sea Launch Zenit-3SL Rocket with Intelsat 27 Fails

By Marc Boucher
February 1, 2013
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Sea Launch Zenit-3SL Rocket with Intelsat 27 Fails
Zenit-3SL Rocket shortly after launch.
Sea Launch

Approximately 40 seconds after the launch from the Odyssey Sea Launch platform in the pacific, the Zenit-3SL rocket carrying the Intelsat 27 failed. The launch was at 1:57 a.m. EST. The reason for failure is unknown at this time and according to Intelsat, Sea Launch will convene a Failure Review Oversight Board to look into the mishap.
The Zenit-3SL vehicle was to lift the 6,215-kilogram (13,702 lbs.) Intelsat 27 spacecraft into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

The Intelsat 27 is based on the Boeing 702MP mid-level power platform. The satellite was to support customers in North America, South America, the Atlantic Ocean region and Europe, and would have hosted a UHF communications payload for use in military applications.

“We are clearly disappointed with the outcome of the launch. The cause of the failure is unknown, but we will work closely with our launch and manufacturing partners to determine the necessary next steps,” said Intelsat CEO David McGlade.

According to Intelsat service to its customers on Intelsat 805 and Galaxy 11 will not be interrupted as a result of the loss of Intelsat 27. The satellite and launch were fully insured.

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