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Satellogic Announces Integration with SkyFi

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
March 29, 2023
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Satellogic Announces Integration with SkyFi

Satellogic Inc. (NASDAQ: SATL), a leader in sub-meter resolution Earth Observation (“EO”) data collection, today announced its partnership and integration with SkyFi, a leading provider of EO data. This partnership will allow SkyFi’s customers to task Satellogic satellites directly through the platform either at or on the SkyFi app. This capability is available to both businesses and individuals.

“SkyFi and Satellogic are both committed to democratizing access to Earth Observation data,” said Emiliano Kargieman, CEO and Co-Founder of Satellogic. “This partnership expands the availability of affordable, high-resolution satellite images and enables customers to task their specific points of interest through a seamless app. It’s a strategic step forward in helping to increase the adoption of Earth Observation across existing and emerging markets.”

Satellogic is focused on delivering high-resolution EO data to help advance critical analysis for global challenges including climate change, energy supply, and food security. The Company currently has 30 satellites in orbit. Satellogic is working toward an unprecedented capability of daily global remaps in high-resolution – providing up to 40 revisits of points of interest per day for better decision-making at every level around the world.

“Satellogic’s rapidly expanding constellation is enabling us to further easify access to Earth Observation data,” said Luke Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyFi. “The company is a perfect partner as we are always focused on providing the greatest value at the lowest cost to our customers.”

SkyFi streamlines access to EO data through its web and mobile app, providing a seamless user experience with transparent pricing. The company is developing an end-to-end EO marketplace with an integrated insights platform and storage solution.

Satellogic will soon be expanding its offering for SkyFi users with priority tasking, which offers shorter task-to-capture and delivery timelines. Additionally, more product levels for a wider range of applications, including higher resolutions to unlock new details and analysis, will be introduced.

Satellogic’s integration with SkyFi marks a new venture into distributing Satellogic’s data more widely. This program is expected to expand with additional marketplace integrations, which confirms the high demand for Satellogic’s unique blend of capabilities and price point.

About Satellogic

Founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte, Satellogic (NASDAQ: SATL) is the first vertically integrated geospatial company, driving real outcomes with planetary-scale insights. Satellogic is creating and continuously enhancing the first scalable, fully automated EO platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency and high-resolution, providing accessible and affordable solutions for customers.

Satellogic’s mission is to democratize access to geospatial data through its information platform of high-resolution images and analytics to help solve the world’s most pressing problems including climate change, energy supply, and food security. Using its patented Earth imaging technology, Satellogic unlocks the power of EO to deliver high-quality, planetary insights at the lowest cost in the industry.

With more than a decade of experience in space, Satellogic has proven technology and a strong track record of delivering satellites to orbit and high-resolution data to customers at the right price point.

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