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Satellite data for a more sustainable planet

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
August 9, 2022
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SATLANTIS is a global reference for space technology applied to Earth Observation and it is unique in the market for its specific characteristics of agility, spectral resolution, and VHR image quality.

SATLANTIS is very active in the key sectors of Environment and Energy – Oil & Gas – focusing in particular on the provision of full-satellite solutions related to greenhouse gases (GHG) monitoring and social and governance (ESG) applications.

In partnership with the US company Encino Environmental Holdings, LLC (EEH) and with the strategic support of Williams (a large US energy company,) BP Energy Partners, and EnCap Investments LLC, SATLANTIS LLC aims at accelerating the emissions monitoring services through microsatellite systems, enhancing the energy transition project of satellite-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions detection and measurement from Space.

The objective is to provide innovative solutions to the end-users in various domains, ranging from environment to infrastructure, among others.

For instance, among the current most significant examples, SATLANTIS LLC and Agriculture Intelligence, Inc (AgIntel) have recently announced a leading industry collaborative initiative, to combine drone imagery and agriculture intelligence software with high-resolution satellite imagery to enhance current crop evaluation techniques for citrus threes growers in Florida.

SATLANTIS LLC is partnering with Williams, Encino Environmental Services LLC and Context Labs BV, to track emissions across the natural gas supply chain so to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

On top of the US branch related methane emissions’ detection projects, SATLANTIS is developing the GEI-SAT constellation for methane measurements, consisting of multiple launches of small satellites dedicated to CH4/GHG & Environment, scheduled starting from Q1-2023 to 2024/25.


SATLANTIS LLC is an American Company part of the SATLANTIS Group: SATLANTIS headquarters are located in Bilbao, Spain, within the University of the Basque Country Science Park, and SATLANTIS LLC is based within the Innovation Hub, at the University of Florida, in Gainesville. SATLANTIS is a Space Technology for Earth Observation & Universe Exploration Company; unique in the market for its specific characteristics of agility, spectral capture and VHR resolution image quality.

The Company provides user-driven End-to-End solutions by controlling its own optical channels utilized in agile small-sensor buses. SATLANTIS designs and manufactures Earth Observation (EO) and Universe Observation (UO) payloads for Small Satellites, representing a core set of EO technologies. At SATLANTIS LLC the high-resolution satellite monitoring is specialized in the environmental and Oil&Gas sectors, by developing, with strategic partners, projects towards the energy green transition, methane emission detection, point source and quantification and contributing to a sustainable agriculture.

VACCO COTS Propulsion Systems Complete Classified Missions

VACCO® Industries has initiated production of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Integrated Propulsion Systems (IPS) in their Advanced Products manufacturing facility near Los Angeles. “These systems are unique in that they are specifically designed to meet DoD and NASA requirements” stated Joe Cardin, VACCO’s Chief Technology Officer. IPS systems from VACCO’s pilot production program recently completed missions on three classified SmallSats. VACCO is now incorporating lessons-learned and moving their flight-proven IPS design into continuous production using a Flow Cell manufacturing model to supplement their traditional Job Shop model. “Our customers are looking for high performance, low risk systems that are affordable and quickly deliverable, we aim to satisfy this need” said Cleve Samson, Manager of Sales & Marketing at VACCO. IPS is ideal since it produces high thrust (approximately 4N) in a self-contained, bolt-on assembly. The design includes an integral electronic controller that facilitates both command & control and health monitoring via a digital interface. Integration with the host spacecraft amounts to simply bolting it on and plugging it in. This vastly simplifies and accelerates SmallSat final assembly. In addition to as-built traceability and Acceptance Test Data for each unit, VACCO plans to provide a complete data set, including an Equipment Specification along with design qualification/compliance data.

“VACCO continues to invest in IPS system design, development, and industrialization to support production at a market-driven cadence” said Steve Jones, Vice President, VACCO Space Business Unit. “We plan to scale production to the needs of the industry” he went on to say. This approach not only reduces cost but also slashes lead time as well as technical/schedule risk. Every key step in the production process completed before the order is even placed, reduces the risk of production issues while increasing customer confidence. IPS design enhancements and standard options will be on-ramped into the production design over time.

VACCO Industries, Inc. has been producing critical fluid control systems and components for Spacecraft, Launch Vehicles and Submarines since 1954. The first space component was delivered to JPL in 1962. Over the last twenty years, this knowledge and experience has been applied to the design and production of over forty Micro Propulsion Systems, including three IPS.

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ABOUT VACCO Industries

VACCO Industries, part of the Filtration Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE:ESE), St. Louis, is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty valves, filters and advanced fluid control products. For more than 65 years, VACCO® specializes in design and production of engineered fluid controls for defense, space, aircraft and commercial markets. Proven Valves, Regulators, Filters, Couplings, Refueling Mechanisms, Welded Manifolds, and highly-integrated ChEMS™ Modules are available for applications ranging from cryogenic to high pressure and severe service systems. Reliable heritage products for Intelligent solutions. For more information about VACCO products, contact: John Habis, Vice President of Business Development (626) 450-6432.

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