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Rivada Space Networks Signs Manufacturing Contract For Unique Data Connectivity Satellite Constellations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
Rivada Space Networks
February 23, 2023
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Rivada Space Networks Signs Manufacturing Contract For Unique Data Connectivity Satellite Constellations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Rivada Space Networks

Rivada Space Networks GmbH (RSN), a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S.-based Rivada Networks, Inc., has engaged Terran Orbital’s wholly owned subsidiary Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc. to manufacture 300 low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites for Rivada’s innovative “network in the sky.”

RSN’s space-based data network is transformative—it will provide fiber-like low latency and gigabit per second data delivery which is ultra-secure and extremely resilient. No other system – in orbit or planned – can do this.

RSN will offer access to a secure satellite network with pole-to-pole reach, offering end-to-end latencies similar to or better than terrestrial fiber. The RSN network combines inter-satellite links with advanced onboard data routers creating an optical backbone in space to deliver an ultra-secure and highly reliable global data network for business operations in the telecom, enterprise, maritime, energy and government services markets.

Since assuming control of the project in early 2022, RSN has been on a fast-track mission to complete the overall design of the system architecture and associated satellite deployment framework. With extensive technical studies now completed, RSN has determined that their procurement plan will successfully fulfill the requirements associated with the company’s high priority ITU Ka-band filings. With a contract for manufacturing now in place, deployment will start in 2025, with 300 satellites (288 plus 12 spares) by mid-2026.

Clemens Kaiser, Rivada Space Networks Chief Program Officer, said: “We are delighted that today we have completed another major milestone in the development of our unique constellations to enable secure, global connectivity for governments and enterprises.” He added: “The timeline was extremely tight, and I wholeheartedly congratulate our team and our industry partners. This demonstrates that we have the right technology in place to sustainably move RSN from concept to reality and that our chosen satellite manufacturer has the required combination of experience, agility and innovation to deliver these cutting-edge global satellite constellations. We are really looking forward to moving to this next phase of our program to manufacture and deploy our LEO constellations.”

“We are thrilled to start this new chapter with Rivada Space Networks,” said Terran Orbital Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Marc Bell. “Both Terran Orbital and Rivada are committed to propelling and shaping humanity’s future in space. The fruits of this partnership will be truly out of this world. We are humbled by Rivada’s trust and look forward to building out their game-changing LEO constellation.”

Rivada Space Networks Executive Chairman Declan Ganley said: “With this contract, Rivada is one step closer to launching a global network dedicated to the wholesale sale of connectivity and capacity at market rates, making truly global connectivity-as-a-service a reality.” He added: “The constellation we are building with Terran Orbital in combination with our patented Open Access Wireless Market Platform allow us to offer a network with unprecedented flexibility to users around the world. It will be instrumental in driving the next leg of the ongoing communications revolution.”

GH Partners advised Rivada with respect to strategic and financial aspects of the procurement with Terran Orbital.

About Rivada Space Networks

Rivada Space Networks GmbH is a disruptive new company set to establish and operate the first truly global low latency point-to-point connectivity network of LEO satellites. By connecting its satellites with lasers, Rivada Space Networks will provide resellers and B2B customers with the ability to securely connect any two points on the globe with low latency and high bandwidth. The constellations, comprising 600 low-earth-orbit communications satellites, will represent a fundamental change in the availability of secure, global, end-to-end enterprise-grade connectivity for Telecom, Enterprise, Maritime, Energy and Government Services markets. Rivada Space Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rivada Networks, Inc.

About Terran Orbital

Terran Orbital is a leading manufacturer of satellite products primarily serving the aerospace and defense industries. Terran Orbital provides end-to-end satellite solutions by combining satellite design, production, launch planning, mission operations, and on-orbit support to meet the needs of the most demanding military, civil, and commercial customers. Learn more at

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