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Relativity Space Tries To Launch Terran-1

By Keith Cowing
March 11, 2023
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Relativity Space Tries To Launch Terran-1

After three attempts today Relativity Space called off their attempt to launch their Terran-1 flight at the last moment in the launch window.

Earlier in the day the original launch time shifted as upper level winds presented a problem. Then once that had been resolved a boat strayed into the area caused a rescheduled launch. Then the count was resumed and got to zero. The engines fired but then the launch was aborted a few seconds later.

Finally, a thrid attempt was made at the last moment of the 4:00 pm EST launch window but the launch was scrubbed – literally at the last second.

Relativity Space Launch Director Clay Walker summed it all up by saying “Safe up the vehicle. Thanks for playing.”

The Terran-1 rocket is 85 % 3D-printed. Ut does nto have a payload. The purpose of this first flight is to see how the vehicle performs on the way to orbit.

A future launch attempt date will be announced soon.

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