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Quantum Space Announces Ranger Multi-Operations Vehicle to Revolutionize Access To GEO, Cislunar Space, and Beyond

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
Quantum Space
April 6, 2023
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Quantum Space Announces Ranger Multi-Operations Vehicle to Revolutionize Access To GEO, Cislunar Space, and Beyond
Ranger multi-operations vehicle (MOV)
Quantum Space

Quantum Space (Quantum) today announced the Ranger multi-operations vehicle (MOV), a highly capable and modular orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) which is designed to host and precisely deliver payloads directly in Geostationary orbit, cislunar space, and beyond.

The Ranger MOV will extend customer’s spacecraft life, reduce program costs, and enable earlier operational status by directly deploying spacecraft in their final orbit of choice. With Ranger’s final mile delivery service, spacecraft propellant can be reserved for operational use and longer mission life compared to traditional launch opportunities. The vehicle incorporates reliable high-thrust and high-performance propulsion, modern avionics, and the necessary support systems to provide fast and routine travel to hard-to-reach orbits.

“Ranger meets the critical need for affordable and precise payload delivery services beyond low Earth orbit,” said Steve Jurczyk, president and CEO, Quantum Space. “Providing these services for our customers will break down the barriers that limit routine travel and operations in deep space and we’re excited for the future that it will help create in cislunar space and beyond.”

Ranger will also deploy Quantum’s Scout vehicles, which are key to the development of the company’s QuantumNet fleet aimed at providing data products and services to customers throughout cislunar space. The vehicle can carry over 1.5 metric tons of payload directly to Geostationary orbit, or over 2.5 metric tons to anywhere in cislunar space. Each Ranger has four 24-inch modular ports, which can support customer spacecraft from CubeSats to 500kg smallsats. These ports can be configured to host customer payloads which benefit from a tailored suite of power and data interfaces. As a high-performance propulsive EELV Secondary Payload Adapter system, Ranger can also boost and tune orbits for larger satellites mounted on its standard forward interface.

“We’ve specially designed Ranger to provide fast, routine, and cost-effective transportation for every size and class of payload from Geostationary Orbit, the Moon, and beyond,” said Philip Bracken, chief strategy officer, Quantum Space. “Our delivery services will simplify operations for customers and create new market opportunities that are limited by current transportation methods.”

Quantum will soon announce additional details and mission partners for the company’s first mission to cislunar space.

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Quantum Space was founded to advance human’s journey to the stars by architecting the space superhighway. The company envisions transforming space commerce beyond Earth orbit by providing the space infrastructure required to travel through and operate in deep space more safely, reliably, affordably, and routinely. For more information, visit,

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