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Prospecting the Solar System

By Marc Boucher
March 11, 2013
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Prospecting the Solar System
Artist illustration of the moon with equipment.
Canadian Space Commerce Association/NASA

What was once in the realm of science fiction is slowly transitioning to reality. A reality that has many challenges ahead before any reward, let alone, the creation of a sustaining industry. That industry is the exploitation of resources of the near-earth vicinity including the moon and asteroids.
In the past year there have been several high profile announcements by start-ups with plans to exploit the resources of the moon and asteroids. Companies such as Planetary Resources, Deep Space Industries, Stott Space have all added their prospecting hats to the arena.

Let’s not forget the Google Lunar X Prize and the companies racing to the moon for at least a share of the $30 million Google supported prizes.

Exploitation of off-world resources was the theme that brought together 75 people to the Canadian Space Commerce Association annual meeting in Toronto.

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