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OQ Technology to become world’s largest 5G NB-IoT LEO-satellite operator

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
OQ Technology
March 14, 2023
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OQ Technology to become world’s largest 5G NB-IoT LEO-satellite operator
OQ Technology

OQ Technology, the world’s first and only satellite operator of a 5G NB-IoT constellation, plans to grow its constellation from three to ten satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) this year. The move will turn the company into the largest 5G NB-IoT satellite operator in the world.

The seven satellites that will be added to the OQ Technology’s constellation, are the previously announced “MACSAT” and “PHI-Demo” satellites and five additional 6U nanosatellites, Tiger-4 to Tiger-8, which the company has already ordered. Concluding the launch of the first batch, all remaining satellite launches are planned for this year with the final ones, pending launch conditions, to possibly going into orbit in early 2024.

With the added satellites, OQ Technology will significantly enhance its 5G NB-IoT non-terrestrial networks (NTN) satellite connectivity service based on 3GPP for non-terrestrial networks (Release 17). The enlarged constellation will increase its global coverage and the satellites’ revisiting times to multiple times per day. As a result, the company’s terminals can send more data, received from mobile sensors, giving customers more of the latest sensor information in real-time. The increased capacity and revisiting times will in particular serve customers in both the energy and asset tracking market.

Omar Qaise, founder and CEO of OQ Technology, said: “Having pioneered satellite based 5G NB-IoT connectivity and launched our constellation before anybody else did, we are now cementing our position as the leading 5G NB-IoT satellite operator in the world.

“Being well ahead in the 5G IoT non-terrestrial networks market, we are continuing the expansion of our global coverage, entering new markets and accelerating the build-up of our constellation. The planned launches for this year will conclude our Batch 1 deployment, with Batch 2 already in preparation.”

Three of the satellites, Tiger-4, Tiger-7 and Tiger-8, will be built by Lithuanian mission integrator and bus manufacturer Kongsberg NanoAvionics who also built Tiger-2, Tiger-3, and MACSAT. Tiger-5 and Tiger-6 will be built by satellite manufacturer Space Inventor from Denmark. The 5G NB-IoT payloads will be provided by OQ Technology and integrated into these platforms. OQ Technology will also be responsible for operating the satellite constellation as well as managing the ground network, service, spectrum access and licensing.

“It is thanks to a faster construction of our payload, and our 5G NTN technology being developed in-house that OQ Technology is able to massively and quickly expand its constellation,” Qaise said.

OQ Technology’s 5G NB-IoT connectivity service enables companies to connect their mobile devices for applications such as smart metering, precision agriculture, asset tracking, vehicle telematics, artificial intelligence critical alarms and environmental monitoring. With 85 percent of the world’s surface lacking or having limited access to terrestrial connectivity services, the constellation provides global connectivity in remote regions.

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About Kongsberg NanoAvionics (NanoAvionics)
Kongsberg NanoAvionics is a smallsat bus manufacturer and mission integrator currently based in four locations across the USA, UK and Lithuania. The company’s efforts are focused on enabling critical satellite functions and optimizing their hardware, launch and satellite operation costs by providing end-to-end small satellite solutions – ranging from single missions to constellations. Its core engineering team has implemented over 120 successful satellite missions and commercial projects during the past several years. With modularity as the fundamental principle of NanoAvionics system architecture, the company provides economic viability to a wide range of small satellite constellation-based missions, businesses and organisations worldwide. | Twitter:

About Space Inventor

Space Inventor is a satellite manufacturer focusing on providing microsatellites in the range from 10 kg to 200 kg using a modular and scalable platform where high performance, reliability, and innovation form the common denominator. Space Inventor’s team has 250+ years of combined experience in the space industry. Its mission is to tirelessly challenge its predisposed limitation for satellite engineering and create beauty and innovation in space technology.

About OQ Technology

OQ Technology operates the world’s first constellation of LEO satellites providing 5G coverage for IoT devices based on standardised 3GPP cellular technology for narrowband-IoT. Its technology is available for mobile operators and customers in industries such as energy, mining, logistics, maritime, agriculture, and defence. The company’s patented technology can easily be used to connect existing cellular chips, allowing billions of users around the world to have ubiquitous IoT connectivity anywhere and using both terrestrial and satellite networks. | |

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