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NewSpace 2014 Conference – Day 2 Video

By Marc Boucher
July 26, 2014
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NewSpace 2014 Conference – Day 2 Video
Steve Jurvetson - Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Space Frontier Foundation

The three day NewSpace conference organized by the Space Frontier Foundation is underway in San Jose, California. All of the main sessions are recorded. Here are the sessions for Friday, July 25, 2014. Note that while most sessions are available a few have yet to be made available.
Disruptive Technologies in New Space: Steve Jurvetson – Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Media Announcement by Infinity Aerospace
– Brian Rieger – Co-Founder, Infinity Aerospace
– Manu Sharma – Co-Founder, Designer, Engineer, Infinity Aerospace

DIY Space Movement Panel

Silicon Valley loves companies that start in garages, and space companies can be created in the same way. The “smallsat” class of satellites has provided a cost-effective, accessible, and fruitful platform for anyone who is interested in building and launching a satellite. 3D printers are being used on Earth and on the International Space Station to produce tools, prototypes, and even food. Open source platforms like Arduino have made it possible for individuals to design their own payloads at low cost. In this panel, we will hear from four examples of just this-starting with a hobby, you can find something unique, and may end up with the next Apple Computers that democratizes space for everyone.

– Sean Casey (moderator) – Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Space Center’s Moffett Federal Airfield Alliance
– Deepak Atyam – President, SEDS at University of California, San Diego
– Jason Dunn – Co-Founder and CTO, Made in Space
– Manu Sharma – Co-Founder, Designer, Engineer, Infinity Aerospace
– Ariel Waldman – Founder,

Property Rights Panel

The issues of property rights, development rights, and utilization rights on celestial bodies need to be addressed before stockholders can see space deliver its maximum value to investors. Once merely an academic exercise, addressing property rights in space is now becoming an active issue. Companies are now actively planning on mining asteroids, building on the Moon, and selling space resources. This is forcing governments to ensure legal protection to companies that utilize space resources. What are the steps companies can take to advance this legal landscape, and what is the value that can be derived from actually addressing the property rights issue? This panel will seek to address these questions, the current actions being taken, and how to face similar issues as they arise.

– Matthew Schaefer (moderator) – Professor of Law and Director of Space & Telecom Law Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
– Sagi Kfir – Corporate Counsel, Deep Space Industries
– James Muncy – Co-Founder, Space Frontier Foundation
– Berin Szoka – President, TechFreedom

Pioneering Space – The Role of Public-Private Partnerships for Advancing Capabilities

– Jason Crusan – Director, Advanced Exploration Systems Division, NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate

Paradigm Shift Panel

The Space Frontier Foundation has pursued the vision of space settlement since its inception and is anticipating the day when space access and development will shift from becoming a rarity to a commodity in the near future. But for this paradigm shift to be realized, the public perception also needs to evolve from one that is agnostic or skeptical, to one that expects this future. Can this paradigm be shifted consciously? The panelists will discuss some of the historical analogs such as from the IT and PC industries, identify the current obstacles in the space industry, and develop strategies to overcome them.

– Ivan Rosenberg (moderator) – President & CEO, Frontier Associates, Inc.
– Dave Blakely – Senior Director, IDEO
– Jeff Garzik – CEO, Dunvegan Space Systems
– John Hollar – President and CEO, Computer Science Museum
– Larry Osborn – EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, DreamHammer, Inc.
– Jordi Puig-Suari – Professor, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo

Pathways to human exploration: are there alternatives to NASA?

Jeff Greason – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, XCOR Aerospace

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