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NASA FY 2024 Budget Request Information

By Keith Cowing
March 13, 2023
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NASA FY 2024 Budget Request Information
NASA FY 2024 Budget Request Information

OMB: “The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is responsible for sending astronauts and robotic missions to explore the solar system, advancing the Nation’s understanding of the Earth and space, and developing new technologies and approaches to improve aviation and space activities.

The President’s 2024 Budget for NASA: supports human and robotic exploration of the Moon; invests in new technologies to improve the Nation’s space capabilities; and promotes cutting-edge Earth-observing satellites and green aviation research to help address pressing environmental challenges. The Budget requests $27.2 billion in discretionary budget authority for 2024, a $1.8 billion or 7-percent increase from the 2023 enacted level.”

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