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Momentus to Deliver FOSSA Systems Next Generation Satellites to Orbit in 2023 which multiply IoT connectivity applications

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
January 13, 2023
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Momentus to Deliver FOSSA Systems Next Generation Satellites to Orbit in 2023 which multiply IoT connectivity applications
FOSSA first generation satellites

Spanish startup FOSSA Systems (“FOSSA”), a Spanish company that offers global low-power Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and in-space services through its satellite constellation, has signed a contract with Momentus Inc. (NASDAQ: MNTS), a U.S. commercial space company that offers transportation and other in-space infrastructure services, to place its latest generation of satellites, FOSSASat FEROX, into low-Earth orbit on two Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle missions starting in 2023.

The first group of FOSSA’s next-generation satellites is slated to launch aboard a Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle on the SpaceX Transporter-8 mission no earlier than June 2023. This mission will demonstrate the satellites’ new design features and act as a demonstration for a second batch of satellites expected to launch onboard a follow-on Vigoride vehicle on a later SpaceX Transporter mission, kicking off the deployment of a new constellation of FOSSA satellites.
“This new generation satellites provides unprecedented capabilities comparable to that of 6 – 12U satellites in a fraction of the size, mass, and cost. FOSSA Systems already has a constellation of 13 picosatellites in orbit, but this next-generation will allow us to deliver higher capacity services in a commercial manner for a wider range of applications, supporting IoT and other space-related services in areas such as communications or remote sensing”, said FOSSA Chief Executive Off icer Julián Fernández.

“We are happy to reaffirm our trust in Momentus as we look at our launch plans for our initially 80-satellite constellation to support SaaS and dedicated satellite customers in sectors such as Maritime, Logistics, Infrastructure, Utilities or National Security”, added Fernández.

“FOSSA Systems flew with us on our inaugural mission that launched in May 2022. We’re pleased to have earned their trust in selecting us as their space transportation provider for their new satellites, and we look forward to building a long-term partnership toward our first large-scale constellation deployment”, said Momentus Chief Executive Officer John Rood. “FOSSA is on a mission to provide the next generation of IoT connectivity and technologies. We’re proud that our services are integral to achieving their disruptive vision.”

Founded in 2020 by Julián Fernández (CEO) and Vicente González (CTO), FOSSA Systems is the Spanish company with the largest satellite constellation (13) to provide global IoT connectivity and it’s developing several pilots programs with leading companies in their sectors, both Spanish and international, to optimize resources and improve production with different industrial applications for sectors such as Logistics, Maritim, Agriculture or National Security.

About FOSSA:

FOSSA Systems is a Spanish company that provides dedicated space services and complete IoT solutions that enable the transmission of information from a device located anywhere on the planet through satellite connectivity. FOSSA provides turnkey solutions for companies of all sizes, from a farmer in Argentina to a corporation that operates a network of thousands of kilometers of oil pipelines, with satellite IoT as its core. FOSSA is pioneering a market that currently has 10
billion connected devices and that it expects to have more than 25 billion by 2025. With their 80- satellite constellation by 2024, they expect to connect millions of devices directly to their network, offering global and real-time direct-to-device LPWAN coverage. FOSSA has verticalized the manufacturing process of satellites, space operations and ground segment services and currently has 13 satellites in orbit. Further information,

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