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Lynk selects Dawn Aerospace propulsion following an extensive industry trade study

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
Dawn Aerospace
March 13, 2023
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Lynk selects Dawn Aerospace propulsion following an extensive industry trade study
Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace, a leading space transportation company, announced today that it has been selected to provide satellite propulsion systems for Lynk, the world’s leading satellite-direct-to-standard-phone telecoms company.

The partnership will enable Lynk to enhance deployment, life extension, collision avoidance, and de-orbit capabilities as its satellite constellation of ‘cell towers in space’ grows.

Lynk, the only commercially licensed satellite-to-mobile service provider in the world, leads a global technology shift to provide uninterrupted cellular connectivity across the globe through its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation. For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and IoT providers, Lynk’s technology will eliminate cellular dead zones in the most remote areas of Earth and deliver ubiquitous service during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.

“By thoroughly evaluating our propulsion system and all others available in the market, Lynk recognized the superior performance and benefits of a nitrous-based system. We take immense pride in their decision and are excited to bring our technology to the market at scale,” said Dawn’s CEO, Stefan Powell.

With more than $2 billion USD in signed agreements with 27 terrestrial MNOs, Lynk is growing its satellite constellation. “Our plan is to ramp up to build 200 satellites per month and hit 5,000 satellites within two years,” says Lynk’s CEO, Charles Miller.

“Dawn’s engineering approach mirrors our own at Lynk, and they are positioned to build at scale,” he continues. Miller, an advocate for vertical integration, has been vocal about the issues surrounding satellite propulsion vendors to date. “These vendors struggle to find economic fit with mega constellation customers,” he said. “It is difficult to find a vendor offering a working product that does not exceed the cost of the entire satellite; Dawn has good flight heritage with a technically sound and economically viable product offering for our first generation satellite constellation.”

Lynk’s patented and proven technology is operational and compatible with existing standard devices, enabling consumers to utilize their current mobile phones. The company has completed successful demonstrations worldwide, including all seven continents (including Antarctica) and in 19 countries, notably in New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines.

About Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace is a leading space transportation company with operations spanning New Zealand, the United States, and the Netherlands. The company offers turnkey propulsion systems for a wide range of satellites, including NanoSat, MicroSat, ESPA, and ESPA Grande-class satellites. Dawn’s commercial customers include D-Orbit, Blue Canyon Technologies, Pixxel, Sidus Space, AstroForge and OrbAstro, and ALE Co., Ltd. The company’s cutting-edge technology and innovative approach have earned it several prestigious awards, including the 2020 NZ Hi-Tech Awards’ Start-up Company of the Year, the 2022 New Zealand International Business Awards’ Best Medium Business, and the 2021 NZ Westpac Champion Business Awards’ Champion Supreme Award, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Emerging Exporter Award, and ChristchurchNZ Champion Innovation Award. Visit and follow @dawnaerospace on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Lynk

Lynk is the world’s only patented, proven, and commercially licensed satellite-direct-to-standard-mobile phone system. Lynk is currently testing satellite direct-to-standard-mobile-phone services in more than a dozen countries. Today, Lynk is the only company in the world to have successfully sent and received text messages to and from space via unmodified standard mobile devices. From the beginning, Lynk will enable two-way emergency messaging, emergency cell broadcast services, and regular SMS messaging on every phone across the globe. By partnering with Lynk via a simple roaming agreement, a mobile network operator opens the door to new revenue in untapped markets, gives subscribers peace of mind with ubiquitous connectivity, and provides a pathway to economic prosperity for billions of the world’s citizens. For more information, visit or follow @lynktheworld.

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