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Japan Space Imaging Corporation signs up to Satellite Vu’s Early Access Option Programme

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
Satellite Vu
November 22, 2022
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Japan Space Imaging Corporation signs up to Satellite Vu’s Early Access Option Programme
Satellite Vu

Satellite Vu, the British company launching a unique constellation of satellites that will deliver insights supporting global challenges, from the highest resolution thermal data from space, has signed a multi-million pound purchase option with Japan Space Imaging Corporation (JSI) following the opening of Satellite Vu’s Early Access Option Programme (EAOP).

The EAOP provides customers and partners with preferred access to Satellite Vu’s imagery, products, and services; as well as the opportunity to secure satellite capacity to support operational and business requirements.

Tokyo based space company, JSI, is the leading provider of geospatial information including satellite data, serving defence and intelligence customers as well as civil and commercial markets in Japan. Equipped with Satellite Vu’s data and insights, JSI will expand their global imaging portfolio with high-resolution thermal data for any location on the planet.

Ahead of first launch in May 2023, Satellite Vu has been collecting sample data via an aerial campaign. Partners of the EAOP can influence the location of further aerial campaigns, as well as benefiting from early access to the archive. This will give EAOP partners a head start in applying the insights from Satellite Vu’s unique data, and developing their workflows, ahead of the satellite’s launch.

During commissioning phase, the EAOP enables access to sample images from the satellite archive using Satellite Vu’s delivery platform and API, while also reserving valuable capacity on the first satellite to enable service delivery.

Anthony Baker, Founder and CEO of Satellite Vu, said:
“We are excited to be working with JSI to provide our high-resolution data to expand and enhance their imaging portfolio and boost their national security efforts. The benefits of satellite technology and data from space are being felt across the globe, and the launch of our first thermal infrared monitoring satellites next year is the first step in our journey to providing high-quality, consistent data which can have a huge impact for governments and businesses.”

Koji Ueda, CEO and President, Japan Space Imaging Corporation, commented:
“We are thrilled with this partnership with Satellite Vu. Our customers are already expressing their interest in the unique capabilities Satellite Vu brings into the market and we cannot wait to serve them with this innovative data and help them address challenging problems in various fields, including national security threats and climate change mitigation.”

To register interest in Satellite Vu’s Early Access Programme, please visit:

About Satellite Vu
Founded to bring satellite technology to address global challenges, Satellite Vu will be able to monitor the temperature of any building on the planet in near real-time using a new mid-wave infrared camera. These images will provide valuable insights into economic activity, energy efficiency and disaster response, monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings, the spread of wildfires, the urban heat island effect, and water pollution. Satellite Vu aims to be the Earth’s thermometer from space.

Satellite Vu has raised a combined total of £20 million from grants and venture capital led by Seraphim Space Investment Trust including Lockheed Martin Ventures, Molten and A/O PropTech.

Partnered with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd to build the satellite constellation and with SpaceX for the first and second satellite launch, Satellite Vu is bringing the highest resolution thermal data to enable us to see the world like never before and take critical action towards Net Zero goals.

Zena Holmes, Communications and Digital Manager, Email:

About Japan Space Imaging Corporation
Founded in 1998, Japan Space Imaging Corporation, of which Hitachi Ltd is a large shareholder, has been a pioneer of satellite remote sensing commercial services in Japan and serves satellites data and services to a wide range of customers. JSI also provides customers with value added products and services such as 3D imagery products, base maps, and imagery analysis.

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