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Iridium Completes Billing and Revenue Management System Consolidation to Support Iridium NEXT Services

By Marc Boucher
Press Release
July 10, 2014
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Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) and Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), today announced Iridium has completed implementation of the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management solution.
The fully convergent charging and billing system replaces multiple legacy systems and will enable Iridium to streamline billing processes, easily manage the entire revenue lifecycle, and provide a single invoice and a unified interface to its customers.

“Iridium has expanded its service portfolio far beyond voice services−into areas as diverse as broadband and M2M−and the launch of Iridium NEXT will enable us to bring to market even more new products and services,” stated JoseVarela, Vice President, Billing, OSS and IT, Iridium Satellite LLC. “Our legacy billing systems had grown organically with the company and as such, their functionality and flexibility was limited. This new system provides a host of new features and will enable us to quickly support all the new services and products we have planned, as well as those we have yet to imagine, standardizing the process and reducing our time to market.”

Previously, as new services rolled out, they were added as separate entities into our legacy billing systems. With the Oracle solution, Iridium is able to consolidate the customer interface for all services to one platform. Now, with a device like Iridium GO!™, which will offer converged voice, data and tracking services, the customer will benefit from interacting with a single unified and consolidated interface.

“Iridium is on the cusp of launching its new Iridium NEXT constellation next year, which will enable many new products and services that require greater rating and charging functionality to deploy and monetize,” stated Bhaskar Gorti, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “Given the breadth of Iridium’s product line, it is not hard to imagine the complexity of its billing system requirements. We’re pleased our system meets Iridium’s needs, and we’re confident that we can help the company meet its business goals, ensure timely and easy service rollout, and provide a positive customer experience.”

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management is an industry leading, quality-driven billing and revenue management platform that can provide business support requirements for any service on any device. The solution empowers service providers to embrace innovation and helps significantly improve time to market for new products and services while lowering operational costs. The solution enables service providers to monetize and maximize each revenue stream for any customer type, service offering, partner relationship, payment method, business model or geography.

The Iridium NEXT satellite network will offer improved bandwidth, improved data speeds and continued service as the only satellite network offering truly global coverage. It will include a hosted payload for Aireon℠, the first truly global aircraft tracking and surveillance capability extending ADS-B coverage and benefits to every flight path across the planet. The Iridium NEXT satellite network will also serve as a platform for the company’s Iridium PRIMESM offering, a turnkey solution for hosted payloads which will offer all elements of a successful hosted payload mission, at an estimated cost savings of approximately 50 percent compared to current stand-alone solutions.

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