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Integrasys has Launched the new VSAT AutoCommissioning System for your Smartphone

By Marc Boucher
Press Release
March 11, 2014
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Integrasys has launched at the SATELLITE 2014 Conference and Exhibition, a new Satmotion Pocket VSAT Pointing & Line-Up Tool for Auto Commissioning VSAT installations, based on the idea of providing to the installer the spectrum information of the continuous wave (CW) carrier used to line-up as received by the network operations center (NOC) in a very simple interface on Tablets and Smartphones.

Calibrated EIRP for Polar, Cross-Polar and Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) measurements, along with targeted values, are received by the satellite terminal and displayed on the installer Tablet or Smartphone while fine tuning the antenna pointing to meet the specific performance required by the satellite operator.

For initial antenna pointing and satellite identification, Satmotion displays an accurate map with a line to the Satellite providing a ground visual reference on-site, then for finer pointing, continuous real-time S/N measurements of the forward link are provided ensuring the right satellite and service are being received by the terminal.

VSAT IDU and installer Smartphone or Tablet communicate using a wifi connection, so the installer can be present at the antenna site to perform pointing operations while setting up the transmission power levels in the terminal IDU and maximize its transmission Cross-pol and ASI Isolation. Also 1dB Compression point is measured for reporting the NMS the maximum transmission power value available.

This added new feature may prevent the installer to carry with a traditional field strength meter or portable spectrum analyzer and the need for HUB coordination.

The system supports a wide range of satellite broadband VSAT modems and also is available Satmotion SNG for Satellite News Gathering and broadcaster.
Integrasys is a member of Global VSAT Forum, IRG and WTA.

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