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Hydrosat Acquires IrriWatch to Revolutionize Farming Using Space Imagery

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
June 9, 2023
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Hydrosat Acquires IrriWatch to Revolutionize Farming Using Space Imagery

Hydrosat, the climate tech company that specializes in delivering satellite imagery and data analytics to measure water stress and climate impact, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of IrriWatch, a Netherlands-based company that offers the world’s most advanced irrigation management software.

Founded in 2019, IrriWatch currently supports customers in 62 countries, enabling growers to optimize farming operations, improve crop yields, and increase profitability. The deal supports Hydrosat’s mission to merge data with solutions that help farmers grow more food with less water in the face of climate change, drought, and environmental sustainability goals.

“Hydrosat views thermal data as the key to helping farmers use Earth’s finite resources more efficiently and increase crop yields,” said Royce Dalby, President of Hydrosat. Hydrosat’s research on farms over three continents has demonstrated that by using thermal imagery to guide irrigation decisions, growers can increase crop yields by as much as 50% while consuming 25% less water.

“IrriWatch’s dedicated team of engineers and scientists, led by founder Wim Bastiaanssen, has developed revolutionary technology that puts Hydrosat’s findings into practice. By combining IrriWatch’s technology with Hydrosat’s data analytic systems, we can follow through on our promise to address food and water security in the midst of unprecedented environmental challenges,” Dalby noted.

IrriWatch uses satellite-based data to measure essential crop conditions, including leaf and soil temperatures, soil moisture, water use, and agricultural production. The company’s proprietary algorithms leverage this to deliver precise irrigation recommendations that augment production. In addition, the IrriWatch products measure leaf nitrogen content for fertilizer management, support carbon sequestration analysis, and provide hyper-local weather content. By merging the IrriWatch software with Hydrosat’s proprietary capabilities in crop classification and crop yield forecasting, the company will be able to provide an end-to-end solution that serves the agriculture industry from farm to table, and everyone in between.

“Since our founding, IrriWatch has been focused on irrigation, crop production, soil health, and climate,” said Wim Bastiaanssen, CEO of IrriWatch. “We recognize that climate change is the biggest threat to food security, and the United Nations recently warned of society’s ‘vampiric overconsumption’ of Earth’s water supply. Our joining with Hydrosat enables us to work with leading experts and technology and gain access to high-resolution thermal imagery so we can deliver critical insights that advance our shared mission to feed the world and provide a transparent understanding of the water accounts of river basins.”

“Hydrosat’s acquisition of IrriWatch marks a significant milestone in the continued growth of our company and enables us to accelerate the delivery of real solutions that fulfill our mission to increase global food production with less water,” said Pieter Fossel, CEO of Hydrosat.

The completion of the IrriWatch deal follows a series of wins for the Washington, D.C.-based Hydrosat, including a grant from the US Air Force to adapt its surface temperature data to the mission needs of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, the successful pilot launch of its Crop Yield Forecast product, and the closing of a $20 million Series A funding round.

The IrriWatch team, comprised of agronomists, hydrologists, and software engineers, will merge with Hydrosat’s team, and together they will expand the reach of the IrriWatch product to growers and agribusiness around the world. Farming will become more productive than ever before.

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Hydrosat is a geospatial data analytics company that uses thermal infrared imagery to provide unprecedented technology insights for commercial and government customers. The company’s high-resolution, daily satellite thermal imagery delivers a unique perspective on our planet, and Hydrosat’s advanced analytics convey precise crop yield forecasts and improved irrigation tools to financial and agribusiness customers around the globe.

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