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Fictiv and Heliospace Announce Partnership to Accelerate New Product Development for Cutting-Edge Space Technology

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
May 13, 2023
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Fictiv and Heliospace Announce Partnership to Accelerate New Product Development for Cutting-Edge Space Technology

Fictiv, the operating system for custom manufacturing, today announced its partnership with Heliospace, harnessing the power of digital manufacturing to dramatically accelerate new product development for ground breaking space technology.

Heliospace is an agile aerospace company that produces flight hardware, systems engineering, and mission formulation services to NASA, nonprofits, and commercial customers for space missions. After years of working together, Fictiv has produced flight hardware for a variety of Heliospace projects, with incredibly rigorous quality standards, including CubeSat antenna components as a part of NASA’s SunRISE orbital mission and parts that will end up around one of Jupiter’s moons on NASA’s Europa Clipper mission.

“The positive impact Fictiv has had on our product development process has been very significant,” said Greg Delory, CEO of Heliospace. “Our custom manufacturing partnership with Fictiv helps us from initial design, through to test cycles and gives us a lot more confidence that we can answer customers’ needs quickly and win our bids.”

Prior to Fictiv, Heliospace was accustomed to 18 week lead times for their intricate machined parts, which put projects at risk and impeded the growth of the business. After switching to Fictiv, they were immediately able to slash lead times down to just 2 weeks — 9 times faster. Now, Fictiv is a crucial partner in Heliospace’s new product development process.

“Fictiv exists to enable product innovators to create,” said Dave Evans, CEO of Fictiv. “The work that Heliospace is doing is important and we’re proud to have helped to accelerate their results. We’re committed to advancing the aerospace industry through simplified and accelerated custom manufacturing solutions and we look forward to continuing to help Heliospace and other industry leaders push the boundaries of what is possible in space exploration.”

To learn more about Heliospace’s success story, please read the full ebook here and watch the accompanying video here. Additional images are available here.

About Fictiv

Fictiv is the operating system for custom manufacturing that makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to source and supply mechanical parts. Its intelligent system, supported by best-in-class operations talent, orchestrates a network of highly vetted and managed partners around the globe for fast, high-quality manufacturing, from quote to delivery. To date, Fictiv has manufactured more than 20 million parts for early-stage companies and large enterprises alike, helping them innovate with agility and get products to market faster.

About Heliospace

Heliospace specializes in the design, production, test and delivery of space-qualified hardware, together with systems engineering, management, integration and test services for space missions. Heliospace believes in the New Space vision, but is grounded in real space experience. Their customer base ranges from Universities, non-profits, to NASA and foreign space agencies, addressing customer needs with a tailored approach to mission and system development spanning a wide range of mission complexity and reliability, ranging from small to Flagship level missions.

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