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FarEarth for SmallSats: Cal/Val and Image Processing

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
August 9, 2022
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Pinkmatter’s recent addition, FarEarth for SmallSats, is a software and services solution that offers calibration and validation (Cal/Val), acquisition control and scheduling, processing, and archiving. The calibration services include pre-flight sensor modelling as well as in-orbit geometric and radiometric calibration.

The image processing system is fully cloud-based and utilizes the calibration parameters to produce quality image products. The software applies advanced software engineering techniques, algorithms, and a solid understanding of sensor and satellite architecture to produce orthorectified satellite imagery that is ready for analysis. The system corrects and compensates for satellite and sensor variations and in-orbit anomalies during image production.

The system includes the following:

Sensor modelling, calibration, and validation
Scheduling and downlink systems
Automated image processing
Radiometric, geometric and terrain correction of raw downlinked data
Flexible data archiving, cataloguing and dissemination options
Affordable, low latency, fully automatic cloud processing is now within reach.


Pinkmatter uses advance science and technology to develop Earth Observation software. It serves the global market, with offices located in South Africa, Canada and Germany.

Pinkmatter was founded in 2002. The company has extensive experience in developing satellite image processing software, ground segment systems, and geospatial products and algorithms. Its FarEarth and ChangeMonitor suites covers everything from antenna and demodulator control to high-level analytics geospatial products. Its real-time software is capable of producing images within seconds from satellite acquisition, and is used by ground stations around the world.

Pinkmatter’s most recent addition, FarEarth for SmallSats, is specifically tailored for the NewSpace market. It bridges the Space-to-Spatial divide, producing high-quality scientific imagery products from raw satellite data.

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