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Exolaunch Is Ready to Deploy Over 30 Smallsats on SpaceX’s Transporter-8 Rideshare Mission

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
June 12, 2023
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Exolaunch Is Ready to Deploy Over 30 Smallsats on SpaceX’s Transporter-8 Rideshare Mission

Exolaunch (“Exolaunch” or “the Company”), a leading global provider of rideshare launch services, in-space logistics and deployment technologies has completed the integration of 32 customer satellites with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 ahead of the Transporter-8 rideshare mission scheduled to lift off June 12 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Transporter-8 will be a landmark mission for Exolaunch’s fast-growing flight heritage, as the Company expects to exceed its 300th satellite launched for its customers.

Exolaunch’s manifest on Transporter-8 features international customers from Europe, Asia and North America. The Company is proud to provide mission management and integration services for NewSpace leaders and longstanding customers such as Spire Global, Kongsberg NanoAvionics and ICEYE, as well as returning customers Satlantis, Swarm Technologies and TU Stuttgart.

Additionally, Exolaunch is delighted to welcome new customers who have chosen the Company’s CarboNIX shock-free microsatellite separation systems to ensure a reliable separation for their satellites, including Muon Space, Turion Space, Aerospacelab and Azista BST Aerospace (ABA).

The Company completed seamless integrations for all its customers ahead of the launch, successfully mating 12 microsatellites and 20 CubeSats with SpaceX’s brand-new Rideshare Plates. Exolaunch welcomed customer teams from around the world in its Berlin facilities to perform a joint integration of CubeSats with their EXOpod / EXOpod Nova deployers before integrating microsatellite customers flying on CarboNIX at the launch site in Vandenberg, California.

n addition to its industry-leading integration services, Exolaunch is providing proprietary and flight-proven hardware to all its customers on this mission. The Company’s CarboNIX separation system boasts a heritage of over 50 smallsats deployed across 12 missions and has become the system of choice for microsatellite innovators, due to its reliability and scalable solution. Exolaunch is also providing CubeSat customers with EXOpod / EXOpod Nova deployers, which have set multiple industry records by deploying the first 16U smallsat in orbit, and are the only to achieve this in GEO.

“Our mission management team is committed to customer success every step of the way, from the clean room to orbit,” said Connor Pollock, Mission Director at Exolaunch. “They orchestrate missions that are years in the making to ensure a smooth experience – even on entirely new rideshare architectures like we’ve seen here. However, launch services are only one side of the story, and we’re very grateful to SpaceX for continuing to transform the access-to-space landscape with regular, reliable launches and ever-better technology.”

This will be Exolaunch’s 11th mission with SpaceX, manifested under long-term Multi-Launch Agreements first signed in 2020 and repeatedly expanded to include new missions. Transporter-8 will be the latest launch in SpaceX’s dedicated rideshare program, and Exolaunch has manifested customers on each Transporter mission since the program’s debut.

About Exolaunch

Exolaunch (Germany, USA) is a global leader in rideshare launch services and in-space logistics products and services for the NewSpace industry. With a decade of flight heritage and over 290 satellites launched across 20 missions (as of May 2023), Exolaunch leverages industry insight to tailor turnkey solutions that meet customer needs and respond to market trends. Exolaunch fulfils launch contracts for NewSpace industry leaders, the world’s most innovative start-ups, research institutions, government organizations and space agencies around the world. The company develops and manufactures its own flight-proven and industry-leading small satellite separation systems, with the fastest growing heritage on the market. Exolaunch is also developing Reliant, a line of environmentally friendly orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs), for last-mile satellite delivery, in-space logistics and space debris removal. Exolaunch is committed to making space accessible to all and to promoting its safe, sustainable, and responsible use.

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