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exactEarth And SRT Announce New Small Vessel Tracking Technology

By Marc Boucher
Press Release
April 16, 2014
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exactEarth Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has concluded a mutually exclusive agreement with SRT plc (SRT), to develop and commercialise technology that will for the first time enable low power AIS transceivers of the types being deployed on small commercial and leisure vessels worldwide to be tracked from space, thereby enabling global tracking. The agreement follows the memorandum of understanding between SRT and exactEarth, which was announced on 9 May 2013.
AIS is a VHF technology primarily optimised and designed for high intensity terrestrial-based tracking with reliable range typically limited to approximately 50 nautical miles. High powered Class A type transceivers are able to be tracked globally by the existing exactEarth AIS satellite network, however due to a variety of complex reasons, transmissions from standard Class B and Identifier type devices cannot currently be reliably tracked from space. Since May 2013 last year, exactEarth and SRT have pooled their capabilities to develop a new technology called ABSEA™ which, when embedded within standard low powered AIS transceivers, enables their transmissions to be received by exactEarth satellites. This enables wide area extended tracking capability of small vessels fitted with ABSEA enabled transceivers and the provision of valuable supplementary AIS tracking data to existing terrestrial networks with incomplete and or standard coverage limits.

Under the terms of the agreement SRT and exactEarth jointly own the ABSEA technology and will co-operate to commercialise the tracking data. SRT will receive a share of the revenues generated from data sales. The first ABSEA enabled products are expected to be deployed later this year.

Simon Tucker, SRT CEO said: “This is a significant strategic agreement for SRT, which enables our AIS Class B and Identifier type transceivers with a unique capability of value in many applications. exactEarth is the world’s leading satellite AIS network operator and is therefore a natural partner for SRT.”

Peter Mabson, exactEarth President said, “We have spent the last 5 years building the world’s leading Satellite AIS network. With the World Wildlife Fund now calling for AIS tracking of all fishing boats worldwide and with an estimated global population of 8 million small vessels, we see a very considerable long-term, sustainable market for ABSEA-based services. Since SRT is the global leader in the field of AIS-based vessel transceivers, they are the ideal partners for us.”

About exactEarth Ltd.

exactEarth, based in Cambridge, Ontario, is a data services company providing the most advanced information on global maritime traffic available today. Our premium service, exactAIS®, delivers an unrivalled view of the recognized maritime picture at a global scale. Offering fully secure data in a variety of industry standard formats and delivery methods, exactEarth’s data provides real value for a wide range of operational maritime applications delivering operational efficiencies, enhancing security, safeguarding the environment, and assisting in saving lives. For more information, visit our website at

About SRT plc.

Software Radio Technology plc develops and provides advanced AIS based radio communication based marine domain awareness technologies, products and systems. These are customised and provided to a global customer base of marine electronics and system integrator companies to meet worldwide market demand to identify and track vessels of all sizes in leisure, commercial and homeland security applications. For further information please visit:

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