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ESA’s Exploration Of Space Industry Best Practices

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
June 5, 2023
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ESA’s Exploration Of Space Industry Best Practices
Exploration Of Space Industry Best Practices

ESA is reaching out to members of the industrial space sector, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to take part in a survey on lessons learned in the space industry.

This survey aims to gather valuable insights into the best practice of how industry learns from their experiences while working on projects in the space sector, and how using their experience informs their future actions and business decision-making.

The questionnaire, which takes about 15 minutes to complete, is available here, and ESA’s SME office will provide feedback and follow-up.

ESA has been systematically applying lessons learned in its programmes for about six years and on an individual project basis for nearly two decades to enhance the success and efficiency of its future activities.

By capturing and analysing knowledge from previous missions and experiences, ESA identifies best practices and areas for improvement. ESA integrates this learning in what it does and updates its processes, documents and training, ensuring valuable insights are incorporated in ESA’s future endeavours.

The survey aims to assess how European industry currently benefits from lessons learned and how ESA can further support this approach. The participation of more industry members in the survey will enable ESA to better tailor its offer of support.

ESA seeks to gather data from a broad population of businesses in Europe and gain insights into industry perspectives and expectations. Additionally, the survey will help assess the varying learning approaches of both traditional and New Space industry ways of working.

As part of its Agenda 2025, ESA is committed to providing technical expertise and knowledge to Member States and their industry, aiming to increase the competitiveness and strength of the European space sector. The survey results will contribute to enhancing ESA’s support, facilitating effective knowledge exchange, and driving improvements in the European space sector as a whole.

For further information about the survey, please contact Francesca Piretti.

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