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EOSDA Strategic Alliance With AgriProve To Revolutionize Regenerative Agriculture For Partnering Farmers And Planet

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
EOS Data Analytics
December 7, 2022
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EOSDA Strategic Alliance With AgriProve To Revolutionize Regenerative Agriculture For Partnering Farmers And Planet
EOS Data Analytics
EOS Data Analytics

A strategic alliance between EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics, and AgriProve, an Australian soil carbon leader, will transform regenerative agriculture practices for farmers.

EOS Data Analytics will combine its high-detail satellite imagery, analytical expertise, and machine learning capabilities with AgriProve’s extensive on-ground and proximal data assets to generate new high-resolution, high-accuracy on-farm models and measurement approaches to boost prediction capabilities and evolve new land management practices.

AgriProve will harness the satellite data enhanced by EOS Data Analytics through digital farm twinning to provide partnering farmers with a visual representation of their land and highlight the best pathways to productivity for each property. Extensive datasets from various satellite sensors will provide advanced and highly detailed readings on vegetation, ground health, and soil moisture.

The significance of the low-orbit satellite project for AgriProve’s farmer-led, data-driven approach to regenerative agriculture recently won the support of the Australian Government with an announcement of an AUD$9.2 million government grant on November 18th, 2022, as part of the first round of the National Soil Carbon Innovation Challenge.

AgriProve’s technological innovations improve commercial and climate outcomes for partnering farmers through generating high-integrity carbon credits on their land while increasing crop yield, productivity, and resilience.

AgriProve was founded to bring together the very best innovators under one umbrella to mainstream a commercial model of soil carbon farming with built-in regulatory integrity, streamlining the registration process for partnering farmers while assuming project risk.

The alliance with EOSDA unlocks a significant advance in data capture, analysis, and measurement on farm and in soil.

“The soil organic carbon project we’re implementing with AgriProve is a great example of how EOSDA stays dedicated to its mission of harnessing the power of satellite technologies to provide businesses with fast and accurate data-driven decisions. By bringing farmers new ways of combating climate change and land degradation challenges, we hope to help them open new expansion, earning, and sustainability opportunities in their farming ventures,” believes Artiom Anisimov, CEO at EOS Data Analytics.

“We are proud to be able to use AgriProve’s strategic alliance with EOS Data Analytics to further enhance the regenerative agriculture ambition of our partnering farmers. AgriProve’s ongoing investments in innovation are unlocking the data-driven models we need right now to help address the significant ecological, agricultural, and sustainability challenges we all face, both locally and globally. We look forward to analyzing around 500,000 ha of soils by mid-next year with EOSDA, which represents a major uplift in our current monitoring capacity,” adds Matthew Warnken, the Founder and Managing Director of AgriProve.

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