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Chinese Corporation Launches Alibaba Like Platform for Space

By Marc Boucher
October 13, 2015
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Chinese Corporation Launches Alibaba Like Platform for Space
Zhang Qiliang introduces ByHead.

China Head Aerospace Technology Co, better known for producing a variety of aerospace products, testing services and facilitating access to China’s market, today unveiled what it hopes will be a leading business-to-business online platform akin to Alibaba, but for the space community called ByHead.
The company with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the Netherlands is using years of data its collected, along with a membership of 500,000 Chinese contacts to build out the platform.

The company is also integrating marketing of their Micro-Nano satellite platforms and SmallSat launch services into the product.

Zhang Qiliang, Manager of the Heads Online Aerospace Department, said the company is still adding Chinese companies to the platform but that it already has a substantial database of companies and products.

Aside from foreign companies accessing the platform for products and partners, foreign companies will be encouraged to offer their products and services to the Chinese market. Zhang said several foreign companies have already entered their data.

The platform is available in english for foreign companies and Chinese for the domestic market. A mobile version is planned for the future.

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October 14, 2015 – 10:55 a.m. ET update: An earlier version of this story included Clyde Space as a customer of China Head Aerospace Technology Co. Clyde Space does not do business in China and specifically has a policy not to do any work with China. SpaceRef used their name in the story based on material presented by China Head Aerospace Technology Co.

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