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Blue Origin Taps OROS for Advanced Thermal Materials in Space

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
August 30, 2022
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Blue Origin Taps OROS for Advanced Thermal Materials in Space
Oros Aerogel Insulation

OROS, a leading next-gen thermal materials business, has provided Blue Origin superior insulation technology that will support vital science being carried on the aerospace company’s latest mission, scheduled to launch August 31. Batteries used to keep human cells at viable livable temperatures aboard the Blue Origin NS-23 will be insulated with OROS’ technology to vastly prolong operable life.

Once the Blue Origin NS-23 rocket leaves earth’s atmosphere it will operate in temperatures at or below -450F. As part of the rocket’s payload, human cells will be exposed to the effects of space. To prevent cells from freezing, batteries aboard the Blue Origin capsule will be used to maintain an optimal thermal environment for these cells. OROS’ insulation technology will be applied to prolong the life of these mission-critical batteries.

The fundamental research aboard the Blue Origin NS-23 is the first step to better understand how humans could colonize the Moon, Mars—and beyond. However, without OROS’ groundbreaking insulation, the experiment would be impossible to conduct. “By lowering energy requirements, we can eventually sustain long-term life in space,” explains OROS Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Markesbery.

The foundation of OROS’ material innovation is aerogel, a substance pioneered by NASA to insulate spacecraft and touted as the lowest thermally conductive material known to mankind. By devising novel, flexible and durable aerogel solutions, OROS produces game-changing materials that unlock a broad spectrum of applications transcending spaceflight.

“We’re only getting started,” continues Markesbery. “From aerospace, to cold-chain packaging [vaccines, drugs, etc.], to structural insulation and apparel, our applications are vast, and we’re honored to be moving the science forward in collaboration with our partners at Blue Origin.”

About OROS
OROS is a materials technology company that develops the most scientifically innovative thermal solutions on the planet. Their vision is to create technology that empowers humanity to reach our full potential. For more information, visit

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