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Blue Origin Completes New Shepard Abort Test

By Keith Cowing
October 5, 2016
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Blue Origin Completes New Shepard Abort Test
New Shepherd Abort Test
Blue Origin

Blue Origin just completed an apparently flawless in-flight aboard of its New Shepard launch vehicle. The capsule separated and made a perfect landing. The booster continued, undaunted, to space and then made a textbook landing.
Video of the test, start it at the 1:05 mark to view the launch and test.

The purpose of this flight was to test the escape system. Blue Origin said that it did nto expect that the New Shepherd launch vehicle would survive the test given the forces employed to separate the capsule from the booster.

When the solid rocket motors inside the capsule fired, the capsule was pulled away, parachutes deployed followed by a nominal landing. However the booster, seemingly unaffected by the capsule’s departure, continued to make a normal flight into space followed by a text book landing.

Both vehicles will be retired after this flight.

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