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SpaceX Crew-1 Does Egress Training

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
August 21, 2020
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SpaceX Crew-1 Does Egress Training
Egress Training

From back to front, pilot Victor Glover, mission specialist Shannon Walker, mission specialist Soichi Noguchi, and spacecraft commander Michael Hopkins participate in an egress training exercise on July 21, 2020, in preparation for NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission.
Glover, Walker, and Hopkins are all NASA astronauts; Noguchi is a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut. The exercise involved simulating an emergency situation after splashdown of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Hopkins, Glover, Walker, and Noguchi will launch to the International Space Station from Launch Complex 39A at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Crew-1 will be the first operational mission to the orbiting laboratory under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, following the agency’s certification of SpaceX’s crew transportation system.

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