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Satellites as Manga Comic Book Superheroes

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
November 4, 2015
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Satellites as Manga Comic Book Superheroes
Manga Comic Book Superheroes

Usually, comic book heroes wear tight pants and have superhuman strength. In the new educational manga Raindrop Tales from NASA, one of the heroes (Mizu-chan) evaporates water with her hair.
The other (GPM) rides on a 3,900-kilogram satellite that observes rain and snow. Look carefully at the art in the screenshots above, and you will find some telling details. Mizu-chan wears a flowing blue dress that symbolizes the many forms of water (snow, ice, rain, hail, water vapor, fresh water, salt water, etc.) found on Earth. Notice how her hemline is surrounded by clouds. Depending on her mood, the clouds form different types of precipitation.

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