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Famous Rocks in Space

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
December 19, 2014
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Famous Rocks in Space
Moon Rocks and a piece of Mt. Everest's Summit on ISS
NASA @Astro_Wheels

Douglas H. Wheelock @Astro_Wheels A piece of the ‘Sea of Tranquility’ & Mt. Everest on the #ISS, from my ‘ol pal ‘Spike’, @AstroDocScott
Playing With Moon Rocks and Duct Tape at the Dinner Table

“I had carried these little Moon rocks all the way from the states such that Scott could then carry them to the summit of Mt. Everest. In order not to spill the beans, we refered to the sample as “the Nugget” and our plan to get it to the summit (and back!) quickly became known as “Nugget Ops.” Every now and again Scott and I got a little carried away with NASAspeak such that our friends at Base Camp gave us silly looks. We are such geeks.”

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