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Zero Gravity Corporation Completes Microgravity Research Mission

By SpaceRef Editor
November 27, 2013
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Arlington, Virginia — November 27, 2013 — Zero Gravity Corporation(R) (ZERO-G(R)) has successfully completed the latest ZERO-G(R) Weightless Lab microgravity research flight. On November 17, ZERO-G clients tested equipment for future suborbital missions, studied the geology of Mars, deployed cube sats, evaluated fluid dynamics and analyzed customized devices for consuming liquids in space.

“ZERO-G’s research program gives universities, corporations, government and individuals seeking to conduct serious investigations unprecedented access to microgravity,” stated Terese Brewster, President and COO of ZERO-G. “Now in our fourth year, ZERO’s Weightless Lab continues to provide an international clientele with Martian, Lunar, zero and hyper-gravity environments for the study of terrestrial and space applications.”

This international group of flight participants represented returning and first-time flyers from the Southwest Research Institute; University of Basel, Switzerland; CU Aerospace/University of Illinois partnership; Vostok Pty Ltd; NovaWurks, Inc.; and the California Institute of Technology. 

Of the research program, Dan Durda, Ph.D., a planetary scientist with the Southwest Research Institute stated, “This kind of flight offers our team an opportunity to validate the design and operation of the experiments that we’re going to fly on our upcoming suborbital space flights. It gave us a chance to test out ourselves as well – since we’ll be there right alongside our experiments, we wanted to be sure to work out all the zero-g operational ‘gotchas’ before those really time-critical flights. Whether you’re preparing for space flights or further parabolic research flights, nothing beats practice in the actual flight environment for working out the bugs in your hardware and for honing your team’s zero g skills.”

For more information on the ZERO-G(R) Weightless Lab program, please visit our web site or contact Michelle Peters at, +1 321 482 2964.

About Zero Gravity Corporation:

Zero Gravity Corporation(R) (ZERO-G(R)) is a privately held company whose mission is to make the excitement and adventure of weightlessness accessible to everyone. Based in Arlington, Va., ZERO-G(R) is the first and only FAA-approved provider of weightless flights to the general public. Operating under the highest safety standards as set by the FAA (Part-121), ZERO-G(R) uses a specially modified Boeing 727, G-FORCE ONE(R), to perform maneuvers known as parabolas to create a microgravity environment. Issued a safety approval in 2011 by the FAA for flight training, ZERO-G(R) has flown more than 450 parabolic missions for more than 12,000 people and holds the contract to conduct NASA’s microgravity flights. For more information, visit 


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