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Yuri’s Night Space Dance Party Lands in DC During International Astronautical Congress

By SpaceRef Editor
October 15, 2019
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Yuri’s Night, the group known for worldwide space parties around the anniversary of human spaceflight on April 12, is hosting a one-night special event on October 24 in downtown DC to celebrate the arrival of over 3,000 aerospace professionals for the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). The event is presented by MOVA Globes and will feature musical artist STARCADIAN from New York, virtual reality (VR) launch experiences from Cosmic Perspective, a crew of Space Ambassadors out mingling, and an array of drinks and bites from local bars and restaurants.

“Yuri’s Night is excited to partner with MOVA Globes to bring this incredible space party to DC. This will be an incredible opportunity for locals to meet some of the top aerospace professionals from around the world and for IAC to get a glimpse of what DC has to offer outside the conference.” said Tim Bailey, Executive Director of Yuri’s Night.

A diverse group of engaging individuals from around DC and the aerospace community are joining the party as Space Ambassadors to share their personal experiences. Photos and bios of the Ambassadors are available online and they will be identified with red sashes during the party to help guests identify them as safe to approach with their favorite space questions!

“This is going to be an incredible party filled with dancing, art, costumes, food–all the things we’ll bring with us out into space.” said Loretta Whitesides, co-Founder of Yuri’s Night. “You might bump into an astronaut, local celebrity, rocket scientist, or astrophysicist. We will all be there to celebrate the power of space to bring us all a little closer here on Spaceship Earth.”

Although the annual Yuri’s Night events in DC are typically held at the Air and Space Museum downtown each April, this event will take place at the National Union Building nearer to the Convention Center. The venue will be transformed into a Lunar Embassy for the night, celebrating the incredibly diverse culture that humanity will take to the moon and beyond.

Tickets for the event are on sale now at VIP admission begins at 6:30pm and will include special entertainment and a meet-and-greet with the Space Ambassadors along with premium drinks and food (and, yes, VIP bathrooms all night long!). General Admission starts at 8pm and the whole party wraps at 11pm.

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