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Wyle Successfully Completes First Rocket Engine Test at San Bernardino Facility

By SpaceRef Editor
December 1, 2010
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Wyle engineers successfully demonstrated Wyle’s new liquid fuel rocket engine test system, a major component of the state-of-the-art rocket engine and fluids test facility at San Bernardino.

The test firing, featuring a U.S. Air Force-supplied thrust chamber assembly for a multiple-start rocket engine which uses self-igniting hypergolic fuels for ignition, required sophisticated controls and redundant safety systems. The automated test control system accepts up to 20 pre-selected safety ‘redlines’ and can execute pre-programmed shutdown programs with a response time of 3.5 milliseconds.

All propulsion system fluids are separated by concrete blast walls and are further isolated by a series of redundant safety valves. Environmental control systems reduce particulate flow and noise, making the facility compliant with California’s strict emissions and noise restrictions.

Wyle’s San Bernardino test facility, located on the former Norton Air Force Base, was designed to provide high-energy high-flow testing with gases, water, steam, and cryogenic fluids.

This test verified the facility can successfully and safely test fire liquid propulsion systems and provide multiple channels of highly accurate data. The rocket engine portion of the facility is designed to test rocket engines up to 50,000-lb. thrust. The facility is now available to both government and industry rocket developers.

Wyle, a privately held company, is a leading provider of high tech aerospace engineering and information technology services to the federal government on long-term outsourcing contracts. The company also provides test and evaluation of aircraft, weapon systems, networks, and other government assets; and other engineering services to the aerospace, defense, and nuclear power industries.

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