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Wyle Announces Human Spaceflight Services Initiative and Appointment of Director for New Unit

By SpaceRef Editor
July 30, 2006
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A new business unit focusing on providing human spaceflight services to the emerging commercial “space tourist” industry has been announced by Wyle Laboratories Inc., which has more than four decades experience supporting NASA’s manned space program.

Vernon McDonald, an aerospace expert with more than 13 years experience managing human spaceflight health projects and services for Wyle, has been named director of the company’s new Commercial Human Spaceflight Services unit.

Wyle’s Life Sciences Group is the recognized leader in space life sciences and medical operations, providing support to NASA’s Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Constellation and Human Research programs. Of the more than 400 people who have journeyed to space, more than two thirds of them have been cared for and trained by Wyle staff.

In addition to consulting services, Wyle’s new unit provides medical screening and qualification, training, data and risk management, and mission and ground operations support services. Health services and training packages and options customized to best meet the needs of space transportation operators and providers are also available.

Wyle’s new operations will specifically pursue new business opportunities in the commercial human spaceflight market, including transportation providers and operators, developing spaceports and regulators including the FAA.

“Wyle is uniquely positioned to meet the health services needs of commercial spaceflight operators and providers,” said McDonald. “Our successful medical operations, training, and ground and flight support experience with NASA is unparalleled, and these new services are a natural extension of our ongoing business development efforts.”

McDonald, who has a doctorate in kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, oversees Wyle’s space medicine unit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

“Vernon brings with him the unique skills and experience base necessary to expand Wyle’s new commercial space initiative,” said Bob Ellis, Wyle senior vice president and general manager of Wyle’s Life Sciences business unit. “I am confident that under his leadership Wyle will become the health services provider of choice in the emerging commercial human spaceflight market.”

McDonald has participated in the Extended Duration Orbiter program, has acted as co-investigator on four joint U.S./Russian investigations that have flown on the Space Shuttle and Mir, and has developed and deployed clinical systems for the International Space Station.

Wyle Laboratories Inc., a privately held company, has been involved in the U.S. manned space program since the early 1960s. It is a leader in providing high tech engineering services, testing and research to commercial, industrial and government customers. The company also provides support services, life sciences, special test systems and other services to the aerospace, defense, nuclear power, communications and transportation industries.


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