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WORK Microwave and IQ Spacecom collaborate on End-to-End CubeSat Solution

By SpaceRef Editor
August 11, 2021
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WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, announced one of the first end-to-end solutions for CubeSat missions thanks to a new collaboration with IQ spacecom, a leading provider of satellite radio solutions. By combining WORK Microwave’s AX-60 IP modem with IQ spacecom’s XLink advanced transceiver system, a brand of IQ wireless GmbH, operators have an affordable, one-stop-shop solution for new space applications, including low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite missions for Earth observation.

“Traditionally, space and ground devices are purchased from two different companies, and the mission operator is left with two purchase processes and a wide range of questions regarding compatibility,” said Mathias Reibe, Head of Engineering/CTO at IQ Spacecom. “Collaborating with WORK Microwave, we’re able to solve this issue and guarantee a compatible end-to-end solution.”

The end-to-end solution includes WORK Microwave’s AX-60 19-inch rack-mount modem unit and XLink CubeSat-sized communication module from IQ spacecom. Both platforms connect to IP networks and provide easy-to-use, straightforward connectivity. Supporting satellite communication for the ground and space segments, the solution allows operators to reliably perform telecommand and telemetry transmission tasks to and from satellites. Featuring space communication waveforms according to Consultative Committee for Space Date System’s (CCSDS) Recommended Standards (Blue Books) 131.0 and 231.0, it is one of the first CubeSat solutions.

“Using the standardized CCSDS waveforms, we have created a cost-efficient, end-to-end solution for CubeSat missions, solving a critical challenge for the wider industry,” said Jörg Rockstroh, Director, Business Development and Digital Products at WORK Microwave. “There are few companies with our longstanding experience and track record in the field of satellite communications, and by making this solution available with our partner, IQ Spacecom, we can provide customers with the reliability that WORK Microwave is known for.”

More details about the XLink Platform and the AX60 IP modem can be found here:

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