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Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. Announces Intent to Acquire The Launch Company

By SpaceRef Editor
November 19, 2020
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Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. (Voyager), a global leader in space exploration, today announced its intent to acquire The Launch Company, subject to customary closing conditions. The Launch Company specializes in developing standardized hardware, ground support equipment, and processes to help next generation space companies gain access to orbit faster, cheaper, and more reliably. The Launch Company has worked with Virgin Orbit, Relativity Space, Firefly Space, Altius Space Machines, Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska, Aurora Launch Services, and more, while also participating in the DARPA Launch Challenge. This will be Voyager’s first acquisition in the launch category, a crucial component in the space supply chain.

“Reliable, affordable access to space starts at the launch site. With the continued growth and increasing frequency of commercial launches in the U.S., we’ve seen the demand for our products and services take off,” said Ben Kellie, CEO and founder of The Launch Company. “Voyager’s proposal to acquire The Launch Company was an easy decision because it will allow us to scale up our services even more rapidly while also giving us the ability to focus on that growth rather than spending resources on the time-consuming requirements that running a growing business entails. We are grateful for Voyager’s partnership and are eager to see what we can achieve together.”

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, The Launch Company was established to help both NewSpace commercial clients, as well as DOD and USAF assets, get to space faster and more affordably by streamlining the launch process, in part through automation. The company is working to build the world’s first multi-user mobile launch site to help fill the gap between launch site demand and availability. They were recently selected among the top finalists in this year’s AFWERX Challenge and are pursuing a prototype of their site design. The Launch Company’s goal with this new site is to be able to service the widest range of launch vehicles in the market, including small to large vehicles for both launch and landing operations.

“The need for affordable, reliable and efficient launch services continues to grow in lockstep with the expansion of the launch sector and the rest of the overall commercial space sector. Since Voyager was created, launch services has always been a capability that we have liked and we have now found a partner that fits the mold perfectly,” said Matthew Kuta, president and COO of Voyager Space Holdings. “The work Ben and the rest of the team at The Launch Company are doing to transform the launch industry is incredibly exciting and we are eager to support their expansion.”

Led by Matthew Kuta and Dylan Taylor, Voyager seeks to increase vertical integration and mission capability to enable humanity’s most ambitious projects. In addition to The Launch Company, this year Voyager has acquired Pioneer Astronautics and Altius Space Machines.

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About Voyager Space Holdings, Inc.

Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in space exploration. Voyager’s long-term mission is to create a vertically integrated publicly traded NewSpace company capable of delivering any mission humans can conceive. By centralizing shared services functions at the parent company level, Voyager enables engineer founded and led subsidiaries to focus more on development of innovative products and services. The firm’s first in industry model is uniquely tailored to support the growth needs of commercial space companies by offering an alternative solution to traditional private capital models and replaces them with a longer-term approach as a provider of permanent capital. Voyager is led by founders and space industry veterans Dylan Taylor and Matthew Kuta, with a Board of Directors that includes National Security Expert and four-star Air Force General William Shelton, leading investor Gabe Finke, and a world leading planetary Scientist, Dr. Alan Stern. To learn more about Voyager Space Holdings, Inc., please visit:

About The Launch Company

The Launch Company, LLC is a leader in developing the systems, hardware, and processes to accelerate NewSpace companies to orbit. Their mission is to develop the world’s first multi-user launch site to service the dozens of new rockets under development around the world. They are building to that goal by delivering designs, flight-critical hardware, and ground support equipment to leading rocket companies around the U.S. By focusing on automation, and servicing as many vehicle configurations as possible, they help make the business case for affordable, resilient access to space that makes launching rockets as routine as commercial air travel. The Launch Company’s Alaska-based team is led by founder Ben Kellie and comprises NewSpace veterans with dozens of combined launch and landing experiences on land, in air, and at sea. They are focused on building a diverse, forward-thinking company that tackles the biggest challenges in aerospace. To learn more about The Launch Company, please visit:

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