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VirtuePlay and NASA Put the Pedal to the Metal Taking Kids to the Moon Racing From the California Speedway to the Moon’s Lunar Surface

By SpaceRef Editor
February 29, 2008
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VirtuePlay and NASA Put the Pedal to the Metal Taking Kids to the Moon Racing From the California Speedway to the Moon’s Lunar Surface

VirtuePlay Unveils their New Lunar Racing Championship Gaming Experience for NASA’s 50th Anniversary

Los Angeles, CA (February 24, 2008) – Forward thinking game developer VirtuePlay today unveiled the first version of their Lunar Racing Championship, which will allow players to race on the moon in an unprecedented virtual reality style experience. In a joint announcement with NASA, VirtuePlay announced the first of four contests aimed at inspiring students to think about space in a language relevant to kids today.

The Lunar Racing Championship (LRC), which was developed using advanced game engine technology developed by software Company, Virtue Arts, is the first virtual gaming experience that accurately renders the physical and NASA’s topographical data of the moon and to utilize a full motion seat. The LRC will be a major component in NASA’s 50th Anniversary and the central focus of a new curriculum allowing kids to explore space through a variety of different perspectives, including being able to create their own game from within the LRC environment.

“One of our top priorities at Ames is to inspire children to think and dream about space to provide them an opportunity to experience the world beyond our atmosphere” said S. Pete Worden, Director of NASA Ames Research Center. “These innovative approaches to thinking about space are really helping our kids look towards tomorrow.”

“We are pleased to be working with NASA, we are proud to see that the LRC is being utilized as it was intended, as part of a forward thinking curriculum,” stated Mary Duda, CEO/President of VirtuePlay. “VirtuePlay’s goal is to create new systems for virtual experiences with games that are both engaging and entertaining. LRC allows us to give gamers a space experience in a multitude of dimensions, we are able to push exploration in everything from physics to design, all while having fun.”

As part of the VirtuePlay’s and NASA’s efforts to inspire kids to go to the moon, there will be a series of LRC competitions throughout 2008. In March 2008, artists of all ages will be asked to imagine lunar habitats in 2058, with the top renderings released in a limited series of prints. The LRC contest series will continue in early fall with three additional contests including an opportunity for space fans to develop, play and network their own lunar games from within LRC.

Full contest rules and submission applications will be made available in early March for additional details please visit For more information on the LRC and additional VirtuePlay news please visit

About VirtuePlay

VirtuePlay, Inc., launched in 2003, is developing the next generation of games, employing the extreme software capabilities of Virtue Arts into integrated learning systems with the aim of promoting exploration, adventure, and education through virtual experiences that are entertaining and engaging. For more information on VirtuePlay please visit

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