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Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority Announces Selection of New Executive Director

By SpaceRef Editor
June 28, 2012
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Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority Announces Selection of New Executive Director

The Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority (VCSFA) Board of Directors today announced the selection of Dale K. Nash to serve as the Authority’s new Executive Director beginning July 31, 2012. Mr. Nash will replace Dr. Billie Reed, who has served as Executive Director since the VCSFA was established in July 1995.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Secretary of Transportation Sean T. Connaughton said “We are very excited to have Dale join the VCSFA team. His years of experience in the aerospace industry will be a tremendous boost to the Authority as it works to become the number one commercial space port in the U.S. With his leadership, the Commonwealth can seize upon the tremendous advantages we have in the aerospace industry to grow the VCSFA and create much needed economic development and jobs.”

Mr. Nash has spent over 29 years in the aerospace industry, most recently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Alaska Aerospace. In this position, he managed six successful launches, certification of the Range Safety and Telemetry System, an expansion and modernization of the Kodiak Launch Complex, development of rapid launch enabling capabilities, and engineering planning for construction of a new medium-lift launch pad and processing facility.

Prior to joining Alaska Aerospace, Mr. Nash spent 14 years working on NASA’s Space Shuttle/Human Space Flight programs with a stint as Director of Launch Operations at the Kennedy Space Center. He has also served as Vice President and General Manager of Thiokol’s Solid Rocket Booster Operations and Program Manager of the Orion program for United Space Alliance/Lockheed. Throughout his career, Mr. Nash has been directly involved in over 60 space shuttle flights.

This past General Assembly Session, Governor McDonnell introduced legislation, set to take effect on July 1, to reform the governance and organizational structure of the VCSFA and provide the Authority with adequate funding to carry out its mission. These changes are designed to help the VCSFA grow into a true state authority with the resources necessary to become a national leader in the commercial aerospace field and to help boost the Commonwealth’s economic development and job creation efforts.

“The VCSFA has a long history of success in the commercial aerospace industry,” said VCSFA Board of Directors Chairman Vincent Boles. “With much of the U.S.’s future space activity reliant on the commercial sector, Mr. Nash’s experience, combined with the changes enacted by the General Assembly, presents a unique opportunity for the VCSFA to become a major player in this growing field.”

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