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Viceroy Creative Thrusts into New Frontier with Complete Rebranding Launch of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation

By SpaceRef Editor
July 13, 2016
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Viceroy Creative, the full-service design firm specializing in brand strategy, brand innovation and package design is announcing the official rebranding launch of the new Commercial Spaceflight Federation. Previously viewed as a selective and discerning option for those looking to travel to space, the new rebrand and creative redesign democratizes the idea of space to the public while providing a sexy, cool, and innovative new look for their interactive website.

“We wanted to create an identity that would set a standard for the commercial space exploration industry,” says David Moritz, CEO and Founder of Viceroy Creative. “Through the new Commercial Spaceflight Federation rebranding, we’re able to create a unique, sexy, and ownable identity that also has roots in a thrilling part of the space industry. We envisioned this rebranding and redesign to be sophisticated and alluring, but also thoughtful enough to be on par with a regulatory agency.”

The redesign and rebranding launch provides several features that allows the Commercial Spaceflight Federation to have a united voice throughout the industry that is both respected and inspirational. From a creative and design perspective, their new site, as well as the many newly designed images, create an identity that is sure to set the standard for the industry.

“Teaming up with Viceroy Creative was a no-brainer for us,” says Eric Stallmer, President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. “We wanted to redesign an idea that not only resonated well with the public, but also reinforced our core values of developing industry standards that truly reach for the stars. We believe that with the help of Viceroy Creative, a new era of commercial space exploration is upon us.”

This launch unlocks another realm of creativity, which supports Spaceflight Federation’s continued mission to make space exploration accessible to the general public while still maintaining a level of prestige necessary for conducting such expeditions. Since NASA, no other team of specialists, including individuals that have been to space and have worked in the industry, have come together to brand an organization in this way, along with deeply thinking about the messaging and personality of the industry itself.

About Viceroy Creative:

Viceroy Creative is a full service marketing agency that accomplishes business objectives for clients through the use of strategic creative marketing and design. Located in Long Island City, New York, Viceroy provides a range of services to an impressive roster of luxury clients, including brand strategy, innovation, brand engagement, partnerships and collaborations, design and production coordination. Viceroy takes a project from idea to completion and everything in between. From the big idea to brand architecture and identity, to product development, packaging, design, illustration, digital, and manufacturing to the 360 campaign. Or as Viceroy puts it: climbing mountains and slaying dragons.

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