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USAF Launches NASA’S Geostationary Environmental Satellite (GOES-O)

By SpaceRef Editor
June 27, 2009
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USAF Launches NASA’S Geostationary Environmental Satellite (GOES-O)

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, Fla. — CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, Fla. – The U.S. Air Force successfully launched a United Launch Alliance Delta IV-Medium Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 37 here at 6:51 p.m. EDT today carrying the NASA GOES-O satellite.

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) represents a continuation of the newest generation of environmental satellites built by Boeing for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) under the technical guidance and project management of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The information sent by GOES spacecraft is used for a host of applications, including weather monitoring and prediction models, ocean temperatures and moisture locations, climate studies, cryosphere (ice, snow, glaciers) detection and extent, land temperatures and crop conditions, and hazards detection.

“This successful launch by this amazing multi-agency team of professionals will continue to ensure that vital atmospheric and environmental information will be sent to those users enhancing weather forecast and climate studies,” said Brig. Gen. Edward L. Bolton Jr., 45th Space Wing commander. “The mission showcases why the 45 Space Wing is the world’s premiere gateway to space.”

This mission marked the second GOES satellite launched on a Delta IV rocket. The launch was the eighth flight of a Delta IV rocket from Cape Canaveral AFS, and the sixth launch this year from the Cape.

“This launch is the culmination of the entire Mission Team effort,” said Capt. Eric Bogue, Delta IV Operations Integration Chief. “The 5th Space Launch Squadron’s Responsible Engineers and Mission Assurance Technicians continue to display exceptional technical proficiency leading us to another successful launch.”

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